The popular vote has spoken, Skaikru acts like a bunch of whiny babies. They should be embarrassed but they are to busy being obnoxious.

Raven is still at the science station by herself waiting for transportation to the bunker. She tells Abby that she is fine from her procedure and will be able to come and perform the same procedure on Abby to cure her. Marcus doesn’t know what Raven is referring to as it is obvious she hasn’t told him about the seizures. A rescue party starts to get ready to go and pick up Raven and bring her a radiation suit.

As we know that each crew gets 100 spots for survivors in the bunker before the death wave arrives. Skaikru is the last group to pick their 100 survivors, and still can’t do that. They decide to keep spots for essential personal and children under the age of 16 which leaves room for another 80 spots. Besides, straight up sabotage, the fairest way chosen was to have a lottery for the remaining 80 slots. Clarke and Bellamy volunteer to go get Raven, while the ‘natives’ are getting restless they try to kick out Clark’e GF because she is not a member of the crew and doesn’t want her to take a spot. Octavia comes in and sees that a fight is breaking out  and stops it and says that they now have one less spot for the lottery. She says that they have to figure out by midnight or all of them will die.

Bellamy and Clarke were joined by Jon and Amori as they both believe they didn’t have a chance to stay in the bunker so they wanted to head to the science station for survival. While the Rover heads to get Raven they run over someone who was in the road and are ambushed and attacked for the radiation suits by some locals. The four are surrounded and are catching some fire, someone comes and starts taking down some the attackers, my guess has to be Echo. Sure enough yes it was Echo who was banished that saved them from the attack, I wonder how long she was following the Rover. Echo says that she saved their lives and she hopes they can save hers by taking her to the island bunker. Amori ended up exposed to the radiation, her helmet got damaged in the attack, Echo was already given the spare suit, Clarke has offered up her helmet to Amori since she has night blood and believes she is immune to the radiation. Nobody really knows for sure, but she is willing to test the theory, the Rover is not usable sadly, Bellamy calls Monty who was heading from Arcadia to the bunker to come and pick them up, and to hurry since Clarke is exposed and starts to cough up blood symbolizing maybe the night blood is not immune.

At the bunker, Abby talks to Marcus, and tells him that he needs to pull 81 names from the list since she refuses to take up a spot. Everyone comes in one at a time and puts a name into the pot, we know at least one person who put the name of their son into the pot. Jaha still can’t accept the fact that only 100 can be saved, starts to organize a coo. During the name pulls, Nate Miller gets picked, his dad was the one that we saw put another name into the pot besides his own. As names are being pulled we see Jaha and others start to get antsy and he starts his coo. Marcus is the one pulling names and sees something up with Jaha so he asks for someone else to pull the names as he goes to follow Jaha. Jaha’s lackey goes up and throws all the names onto the ground and gets people all ready to start a fight for the right to stay in the bunker. Jaha is gearing up for the war, and he grabs a lot of tear gas, his plan is to gas out the grounders, threaten to destroy all the crops unless they get more spots. He says if they control the food they control everything. With the midnight deadline approaching that was set forth by Octavia, the Grounders have done some searching and gathered up guns for the fight. Octavia and her crew get close to the door as Octavia gets mentally prepared for what needs to be done, Indra tells her that she can execute this request on her behalf but Octavia says she has to do this.

When Octavia is ready to go inside, they notice a supreme shocker, everyone inside has been gassed besides a few people in gas masks. Jaha and Marcus decided that the best way to save their people was to tear gas them, and go with Clarke’s original list of 100. With the help of the Grounders members that were not chosen were dragged out of the bunker, Marcus makes sure that, even against her wishes, Abby is one of the survivors and apologies to her even though she can’t hear him.

Raven is just waiting at the science station, looking at the timers dropping down showing how much time is left until Prime Fire hits. Arcadia’s timer has already passed with the bunker no longer an option as it is a 10 hour drive to get back with the timer dropping under 10 hours. Everyone that was going to get Raven do finally arrive, Raven wonders why so many people went to get her with no time left. Clarke and company did have a plan, they ask Raven if she is able to get them into space to avoid the death wave, and then get back to the Arc to ride out the 5 year radiation plan. They have a plan on where and how to get food, water and air. Thinking about what needs to be done, Raven says that the death wave can kiss her ass and gets to work!