Chapter Seventy-One

Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

If you read my Jane The Virgin reviews regularly, you’ll already be able to guess pretty accurately how I feel about last week’s “Chapter 71”…but just in case you don’t read regularly….(p.s. why not?)…


It’s truly a testament to Jennie Snyder Urman’s superb direction of this show. She is so skilled at writing her characters and shifting and changing the audience’s opinion of them. Many, many people were (and still are) Team Michael…and I get it; Michael was great—funny, kind, cute, caring, etc. When he died, Team Michael was enraged and unwilling to accept Rafael as a possibility for Jane. Ever since the time jump, slowly but surely Rafael has been written more and more as an awesome partner for Jane: they’re best friends, the share a child, co-parent wonderfully (most of the time), and aren’t afraid to open up to each other. They hit a rough patch during the beginning of this season, but it’s safe to say Jane’s ego was bruised by rejection and Rafael was in a bad place emotionally. Some JTV fans may still have been iffy about Jane and Rafael’s compatibility…until last week. After “Chapter 71”, there’s no way viewers can deny how wonderful these two are for one another. Starting with the 3 times Rafael has pushed Jane to follow her dreams of being a writer—“Be Brave”, he always says. Without Rafael, Jane would probably be a teacher (teachers are awesome, too). Jane and Rafael also balance each other out when parenting Mateo—we’ve seen many examples of this, including a collection of moments involving a sick Mateo last week. A final example highlighted last week could be how aware of their connection the people around them are. We know Alba ships them, but we had no idea that Rogelio thinks “it’s only a matter of time” until they’re back together (he doesn’t support this so much as it worries him, but I guess he’ll come around).

So when Rafael’s heart lit up and the windows opened and he finally got brave enough to kiss Jane, everything seemed to fall into place. The question now is: will Jane be open to trying again with him? The timing has never seemed right. And it certainly doesn’t feel too right now…in terms of the timeline of this show. Jane and Rafael certainly seem like an endgame sort of couple…so why are we getting a reconciliation mid season 4? Is more heartbreak on the way? Or is Urman looking to break the everpresent TV romance mold? I hope it’s the latter

Other important points to mention/ponder:

-Alba can’t seem to shake Mateo (HER husband). Did she truly not want to marry Jorge or was it just a guilt thing?

-XoRo is headed to couples counseling—this will be good.

-Anezka actually faked her own death and then actually died…there’s a reason I didn’t actually write about the Marbella this week: this storyline has been pretty lame this season.