The Carmichael Show – Morris

The Carmichael Show - Season 3
NBC Universal

Last night on The Carmichael Show, the focus was less on debating two sides of an issue; rather, the episode let Loretta & David shine by giving them some intense scenes together with room to breathe and flex their ***flawless dramatic chops.

A man we never actually see messages Bobby on Facebook and tells him that he’s his half brother! When Bobby brings this to Jerrod & Maxine, Jerrod admits that he’s known about Morris since he was TEN! At first, they argue about wether or not to tell Cynthia the truth, Maxine & Bobby on team “tell her” & Jerrod on team “ignorance is bliss.”

They go over to confront Joe and notice for the first time how nice and thoughtful Cynthia really is (she made pie with a gluten free crust and an extra chocolate cake for them even though she wasn’t expecting them, she’s a fucking saint) and feel bad. After all the pressure from the kids and the realization that asking Jerrod to lie to his mom has messed with him a bit, Joe comes clean.

The Carmichael Show - Season 3
NBC Universal

Cynthia is devastated! She kicks Joe out of the kitchen and breaks down. In the heart-wrenching scene, she pushes him away as he tries to comfort her saying “you’re not the man I thought you were, my best friend wouldn’t lie to me like this.” But as all women, especially black women, have done before her, she pulls herself together, talks to her husband and ultimately forgives him for this enormous lie. (I have yet to forgive him)

The episode shows the sacrifices we make when those we love betray our trust, because we love them. Joe didn’t cheat on Cynthia, he just had a child before he met her. As Cynthia says at the end, this doesn’t make him a bad person but rather a flawed person – something that can be said about all of us.

Special shoutout to Benihana for being the bad news restaurant for the Carmichaels. Come back next week for our another recap and to mourn the inevitable end of this magical gem of a show.

The Carmichael Show - Season 3
NBC Universal

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