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Last week was all about Paula and queen Donna Lynne Champlin gets to shine and have her own moment in the grocery store spotlight.

Paula’s dad is not feeling well so she has to go back home and take care of him for a while. Rebecca decides to get out of her therapy bubble and accompanies her friend on this trip for emotional support.

it turns out Paula and her dad do not have a good relationship and the why becomes apparent immediately upon meeting him. He’s sort of sexist and racist and an antisemite and he was just never supportive of her. Weirdly, he bonds with Rebecca almost instantly, inspiring her to stop being so scared of doing something that isn’t in her therapy books – perhaps to excess and inspiring a great and creepy musical number.

While Becks is bonding with Paula’s dad, she runs into her “Josh Chan” at the grocery store in a scene that’s a perfect recreation of the time Rebecca ran into Josh and Valencia at the grocery store. I love these meta full circle moments. So anyway, Paula sees Jeff, her first crush who rejected her and scarred her heart forever.

She launches into a musical number that’s ABBA inspired and a real treat to watch. All the brands in the store turn to Jeff! and Paula and her back-up singers use phallic shaped vegetables to sing about the first penis she ever saw. Paula & Jeff have a much better reunion that Josh and Becks had though and there’s a lot of innuendo about old times and fancy cars and it ends with Jeff giving Paula his card and inviting her over.

Paula Proctor Esq ends up going to Jeff’s place to ~reconnect~ because she’s been feeling really down on herself since Rebecca’s suicide attempt. She’s lost touch with her kids and Scott, she’s not sure what she wants or what her purpose is so it’s extremely tempting for her to feel wanted and loved.

They really reconnect, get to dancing and moving together all sensual but then her dad barges in with a shotgun to protect his daughter’s honour and her marriage. Actually, we didn’t need him to intervene because knowing that he wanted her and that she wasn’t rejected turned out to be all she needed to feel whole again. It’s almost sweet and heartwarming how he acknowledges how proud of her he is and how impressed he is with her law career.


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Paula goes back home, reconnects with Scott over apple pie and basically gets her groove back. Rebecca was also inspired by this trip to just be human and not overachieve all the time and to allow herself to live and make mistakes. One of these mistakes is her boss, Nathaniel Plimpton. He has been supportive and lovely and nice all throughout her new journey of self discovery and recovery and so she shows up at his place and climbs him like the sequoia he is!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will be back with new episodes in the new year.