It’s every Arrow fans least favorite episode of the season, the midseason finale or maybe it’s the actual finale. I don’t know, whatever, on with show. Spoilers, of course.

“Irreconcilable Differences” takes place after the crossover so I hope you remember that Felicity and Oliver got married.

The episode opening is back to Oliver saying he is the Green Arrow and all that blah blah.

“Irreconcilable Differences” kicks off with Oliver and Felicity’s official wedding. Hey don’t forget Thea is out of the coma now.

Arrow S06E09 Irreconcilable Differences

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Friends and family galore, even the Calculator is there. Even their Ivy Town neighbors made it. Pretty standard wedding stuff. I’m waiting for a bad guy to crash the party.

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Curtis is feeling the divorced blues. Dinah’s getting secret texts obviously from Vigilante.

Wow Quentin gave Oliver the watch his dad gave him on his wedding day.

Curtis caught the bouquet. Rene had a beautiful speech.

I was wrong about the bad guy but the wedding was still interrupted. In the form of a phone call to Quentin from Oliver’s lawyer. The prosecution has a witness that is willing to testify that Oliver is the Green Arrow and it’s someone from the team. I bet the writers want us to think it’s a current member but it’s probably Ragman or maybe this could be a great way to bring Roy back but I doubt he’d testify against Oliver.

Oliver and Felicity are scrambling to figure out who it is. John’s the only one they are ruling out and confiding in. Felicity is keeping tabs on everyone, John doesn’t necessarily agree with their actions.

A drunk Curtis is taken home by Rene. Curtis is saying some suspicious things, granted they may just be drunk ramblings still. It sounds like he is blaming Team Arrow for Paul leaving him.

Dinah and Vigilante meet in an alleyway. She wants him to stop texting and calling. He just misses her. If he doesn’t leave town she won’t let him get away again.

Quentin is escorting Thea home when suddenly Black Siren appears. Cayden James wants to see Quentin. Thea puts up a fight but is still bested by Siren. Quentin is also knocked out. Black Siren promises to put Thea back in a coma next time and places a phone in her hand.

Oliver, Felicity and John have footage of Dinah talking to Vigilante. Oliver and Felicity don’t trust her now but John tries to stand up for her just like she stood up for him.

Thea arrives at the Arrow Cave with news of Lance’s kidnapping and a cell phone for Oliver. It conveniently rings as soon as it is handed to Oliver and of course it is none other than Cayden James. He wants a nano aluminum amplifier which is currently being held at ARGUS in exchange for Lance.

Oliver is bringing in Curtis and Rene for help but Dinah is out for the time being.

The Team sneaks into ARGUS, John leads the infiltration. He is sneaking into Lyla’s office to leave her “a gift,” security doesn’t want to stand in the way of love. Curtis and Rene are posing as maintenance workers. Oliver pulls some serious Ethan Hunt moves to get the nano aluminum amplifier. The mission was a success, mission possible.

The nano aluminum amplifier can make that bomb James promised episodes ago even more powerful. The team doesn’t want to hand it over but they’re going to but first Curtis is going to sabotage it.

Uh oh incoming drama. Dinah enters the cave and asks if they just came back from the field, she’s wondering why she didn’t get a call. Oliver spills the beans about Vigilante. Ollie straight up accuses Dinah of the statement, even John backs him up. Curtis tries to defuse the situation which just makes it worse when Oliver comes clean about watching all of the newbies. Rene confesses, I’m actually shocked.

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Watson blackmailed Rene. She came to him saying she had proof that he was Wild Dog and if he didn’t make a statement she would make sure he never saw his daughter again. Oliver throws him out.

Quentin comes to, tied up with Laurel. He asks about her father, Quentin is a lot like him.

Curtis and Dinah meet with Rene to talk. Rene is beating himself up about it. Curtis feels betrayed by the spying.

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Oliver is also beating himself up because in a way he would have done the same thing to protect William. Thea believes Oliver thinking like that may make it possible for him to forgive Rene. Quentin needs the team, the whole team.

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The whole team is suited up to get Quentin back. Oliver meets with James while Dinah, Rene, Curtis are backup with Diggle and Felicity in the cave. Lance is being held off sight. It is proven to Oliver that he is alive and the exchange is underway. But James isn’t stupid and immediately notices that it has been sabotaged. He orders for Laurel to kill Lance.

A fight breaks out among Oliver and James’s goons. Dinah joins in the fun. Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific were not following orders but their insubordination may lead to Quentin being saved.

Actually never mind Laurel let him go. I knew she was getting soft on him. Oliver, the team and Lance are reunited.

There is like ten minutes left, the big twist can’t be that Rene turned on the team. Rene has basically already been forgiven so where’s the big cliff hanger?

Back in the Arrow cave Oliver isn’t happy with Rene’s insubordination getting Lance back. Tonight was Rene’s second chance and he threw it away, he is off the team. Dinah walks, she just doesn’t trust Oliver anymore. Guess that’s the big mid-season finale reveal.

A mopey Dinah meets up with Vigilante because she has no one else right now.

Rene brings his daughter home for good. Even though he betrayed Ollie, I’m happy for him.

John still has hope for the team, Oliver and Felicity not so much.

Curtis follows suit and leaves the team.

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Oliver is only worried about how Cayden James knew the nano aluminum amplifier was sabotaged.

Easy he has a camera in the cave. It was placed there by Black Siren in like the first episode this season.

Holy crap Ricardo Diaz, Anatoli, Vigilante and Cayden James have been working together this whole time. It was his plan all along to break the team apart.

Now that is a mid-season finale reveal. Hot damn.


My thoughts:

I can’t think straight after that final reveal. Mediocre episode, spectacular ending.

Arrow will be back January 18th.