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Welcome to the recap of the mid-season finale of the fourth season of Gotham! We begin this episode with the GCPDs hunt on Professor Pyg. They got a clue where the Pyg might be, but when they arrive in the abandoned pool they are too late. The doctor there has his throat cut but still has enough energy to point them to the message the Pyg has left for them. Because the doctor is known for face transplants, the idea rises that Pyg now has a new look.

Somewhere else in Gotham, Barbara, Tabitha and Selina break into the Iceberg Lounge together with Sophia Falcone. The only one present is Mr Penn who says that he has no idea where Penguin is. Tabitha uses her ‘charms’, don’t think that Mr Penn will be eating solid food for a while. But he really doesn’t know where Penguin is. Then Sophia gets a call and the four of them go to Carmine Falcone’s house in Gotham.


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There they meet up with a very angry Carmine Falcone. He is not pleased with Sophia’s actions to seek his approval. He told her that she was not ready to go back to Gotham, and he was right. She made an extremely mess. Then Penguin shows up. Before Sophia has the chance to shoot him and end everything that is happing, Falcone stops her. It turns out that Penguin called him on forehand to tell him that Sophia was losing their war. Falcone is pissed on Sophia but still considers her his daughter.

Gordon also shows up to the house, he is surprised to see Falcone there together with Sophia. Falcone wants to take Sophia out of Gotham for good, before that Gordon and Falcone have an intimate moment about how Falcone was happy that he never killed Gordon when he had the chance. Sophia takes her time with leaving, because when it’s time to get in the car she stops in her tracks. She wants to pick some roses that her mother once planted. Suddenly a black van shows up with a shooter inside and he opens fire on the crew gathered. One of the bullets injures Sophia, but Falcone is killed.

At Falcone’s funeral, Penguin and Victor Zsasz are also present. Zsasz pays his respect to Falcone by placing one of his bullets in the casket. Sophia is in a wheelchair because of the shooting. She also wears a neck cast. Gordon is also present and is surprised when Bullock shows up. He tells Gordon that they both know that it was Penguin who killed Falcone, but because of the lack of evidence, Gordon can’t arrest him. Bullock also tells him that all that has happened so far, including Falcone ending up dead, was because of Gordons decision to go after Penguin a long time ago. And that Gordon needs to finish what he started. Then Bullock walks away. In the church, Penguin wants to confront Sophia, because he knows that he didn’t kill Falcone. But before it can come to a confrontation Gordon drives her away.

Later on, Penguin goes to the GCPD because he believes that Sophia is there. No cop gives him a clue so he starts to offer money for whoever that brings him, Sophia. To Gordon’s surprise and happiness, the cops tell him that they don’t work for him and they kick him out of the GCPD. Gordon gives a speech about how the GCPD is changed and that the corruption is getting less and less. Then they go out to defeat more criminals.

A few of those criminals hold Barbara, Tabitha and Selina captive. They were sedated and captured by Penguins men in Falcone’s mansion. One of the gangsters gets killed by the GCPD and his gun slides away. Tabitha gets a hold of the gun and while her hands are still tied behind her back she shoots the other two gangsters down. Sophia is, just as Penguin suspected, hiding in the GCPD. She tells Gordon more about Martin and how Penguin blew him up in the car. She still doesn’t know that he is still alive. She never told Gordon about it in the first place because she thought no one would believe her. She is still Penguins enemy so they would likely think she’d made it up.


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Gordon believes that he now has enough evidence to at least lock up Penguin for a little while. He goes to The Iceberg Lounge to arrest him for the murder of Martin. But Penguin knows that Martin is still, but he has no idea where he is now. Penguin relies on Victor, who took the boy out of Gotham, to tell Gordon that he is innocent. But much to Penguins dismay, Victor lies to the GCPD and tells that Penguin, in fact, did blow up Martin all the way up to the sky. He is even willing to testify it in court. Turns out that Victor was working for Sophia all along and that he is still loyal to the Falcone name. This gives Gordon and the GCPD plenty of evidence to put Penguin in jail. Gordon even gets a standing ovation from all the cops for putting Penguin behind bars and keeping the promise he made.


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With Penguin behind bars, Barbara and Tabitha finally get their club back. Not that Tabitha can enjoy it much. She is busy executing her plan to get Grundy/Butch his memories back. In Lee’s fightclub, Tabitha lures Grundy out before using sleep gas to knock him unconscious. She takes him to an abandoned warehouse where she uses a variety of hitting objects to make him remember or beat his head in. She beats him up for a while, but she gives up when there is no result and walks out of the warehouse. What she doesn’t know is that when she is gone, Butch wakes up with no memory of how he got there. Back in The Narrows, Nygma’s evil side is showing himself more and more in the mirror. He wants to get out, but the normal Nygma is still in control. Evil Nygma suspects it’s because Nygma doesn’t want to be evil anymore because he is falling in love with Lee.

Gordon pays a visit to Sophia to tell her that he finally put Penguin behind bars. But there is a big twist when Sophia tells him that everything that has happened was her plan all along. She hired Lazlo Valentin to impersonate a serial cop killer. This would lead that the corrupt cops would turn on Penguin and she could slowly start to take over. She also hired the shooters that killed her father, but it was actually Valentin who shot her. Valentin has also joined Sophia and Gordon in the room before Gordon overpowers Valentin and threatens to send him to Blackgate this time rather than Arkham. But it won’t come that far as Sophia shoots Valentin in the head. Gordon is worried that she’d kill him too, but she doesn’t. She tells that there is a direct line between Gordon, the killed cops by Valentine and Bullock getting fired as Captain of the GCPD. Sophia wants Gordon to live with the idea that everyone around him thinks that he is the hero, but meanwhile that he knows who he really is inside. It is pretty much revenge for killing her brother Mario. She uses all this as leverage to keep Gordon under control while he is the head of the GCPD. Sophia uses his phone to call the GCPD and gives Gordon the possibility to arrest her, but then she would tell everyone what lines Gordon crossed to get Penguin behind bars. Gordon then takes his phone and tells the GCPD that he found Professor Pyg inside of Sophia’s home and that he shot and killed him. When Gordon gets back to his office, he notices that Bullock is just leaving his office because he dropped something off. When Gordon takes a look, he sees it is Bullock’s badge and gun.

Bruce is continuing his party animal behaviour. It’s getting so bad that Alfred needs to pick him up out of a house where he crashed the night. The cops are there too since the neighbours complained about the noise. Alfred has to wake Bruce up by throwing a bucket full of ice over his head. In the following days, they grow more and more apart. Alfred notices this too and has booked a trip to Switzerland to make Bruce behave like himself again. But, Bruce doesn’t want to go. He is a different person than Alfred or his parents wanted him to be, but he is cool with that. The tension is getting so high between those two that they start fighting. Alfred is winning, he even has Bruce in a tight grip, and Bruce surrenders. But as soon as Alfred lets go of him he receives a headbutt from Bruce. Due to instinct Alfred punches Bruce hard in the face and the latter walks angrily out of the room. A couple of hours go by and when Alfred sees Bruce again he apologizes a lot for what happened. But to no avail, because Bruce has visited his lawyer and let him make some papers that make sure that Alfred is no longer Bruce his legal guardian. Alfred refuses to sign those papers, but it’s not necessary because Bruce fires him. Alfred needs to leave the house when Bruce comes back home or Bruce will call the police and show them the mark Alfred his punch left him. We see a sad Alfred pack his bags and leave the house.

In the last scene, we see Penguin who is back in Arkham Asylum. He is not happy to here, especially when he figures out his cell is next to the cell of Jerome Valeska.


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This was the end of season 4A, and man what a season it was! Come back in 2018 for the continuation of, if I may say so, one of the best seasons of Gotham here at The Game Of Nerds!