Well folks it looks like this is the episode I’ve been waiting for all season. Ever since the first mention of the Sinnerman I’ve been waiting for him to come back into the fold and hopefully this is it.

As always spoiler ahead. I have no idea why you would expect anything else.

“The Sinnerman” kicks off with some dude trying to get into Lux. Scratch that he gets by giving the bouncer a dollar. Yes one dollar. It looks like this is all to get a favor from Lucifer. Joey is the dude’s name and he got Lucy’s attention.

Linda and Lucy are having a therapy session. She asks about how his angel powers differ from others. He starts going off about a hat sorting the angels for different houses in school. Sounds a lot like Harry Potter. Their powers, they’re born with them.

Marcus is back in the station. Decker wants to request a personal day. Marcus hasn’t skipped a beat. He’s still a dick and tells her, “he’ll take in under advisement.” Seriously I love that guy.

Lucy and Decker are at a crime scene. Hot damn Joey is the victim and he got messed up. Two gun shots to the chest and something happened to his legs.

Apparently the favor asking scene took place a few months ago. Joey wanted to be a millennial godfather or scarface. Lucy got him an internship with the mafia, cause that’s a thing apparently.

Joey’s legs were shattered and it happened post-mortem. The legs make since. Lucy got him a job as a runner for the mob.

Time for some b-plot, Linda and Amenadiel. More angel power talk. You know what she’s got a point, I never really thought about their powers. Aye and Maze is back. Maze seems jealous of Linda and Amenadiel.

Charlotte is on the team as their newest DA.

Joey had a bunch of expensive stuff but how, runners don’t make that much? Charlotte knows how the mobsters work. So Frankie the Knife is their next lead.

I’m seeing sparks between Linda and Amenadiel. They kissed!

Is this the birth of Amenda?

Looks like it might be.

Charlotte knows Frankie and he’s a little let down when he finds out she isn’t defending him. Devil powers reveal that Frankie wants to find out who killed Joey and he wants payback. Joey was family, everyone loved him.

Dan interrupts with the news of another body.

Two shots to the chest just like Joey except this time she’s hanging from the ceiling and guess what? Lucy gave her a favor years ago.

She died from the gun shots and was hung post-mortem like Joey. She wanted to be a hairstylist for the stars. Ella knows Freda, I guess she’s a big deal in the hair care world.

Lucy thinks the Sinnerman is behind all this. Decker of course denies it. But Marcus comes in to shut her down but he doesn’t think it’s him either. It’s not his M.O.

Lucifer now back at Lux runs into Maze and she wants to talk Amenda.

Throughout the episode Lucifer has been denying calls from an unknown number. He finally decides to answer it and ignore Maze.

And it’s the Sinnerman.

Ella found DNA on Freda and it matches hair from Joey’s. Ella was able to match it to a Sinnerman case from Chicago.

More sparks fly but this time it’s Marcus and Decker. Love is in the air.

Lucifer has taken matters into his own hands. He’s looking for the Sinnerman on his own grounds, it’s a creepy slaughterhouse looking place. It’s a trap.


Photo Source: Fangirlish/Lucifer/Fox

Looks like the Sinnerman is up to some jigsaw stuff, also he looks kinda like Lenny Kravitz. But anyways Lucy is looked in a room talking to the Sinnerman on a TV. The Sinnerman definitely knows Lucy is the devil. The Sinnerman ain’t playing around. He’s got plans now that Lucy is locked up.

Charlotte and Decker go to Frankie and the crew for help. They are looking for the Sinnerman. Frankie ain’t saying anything.

But Decker’s plan worked. Now Frankie will be going after the Sinnerman and they’ll be there to follow him.

Charlotte is upset about being used and leaves Decker to stake them out on her own. Luckily Pierce showed up with food. Man that guy is great.

Maze followed Lucifer not to save him but because she was mad that he didn’t listen to her about Linda and Amenadiel. Yikes she really is mad she locked him back up.

Maze isn’t letting Lucifer out until he listens to what she has to say and acts like he cares. He listens and she lets him out.

Back at the Stakeout, Decker wants to know why Pierce is making the Sinnerman case personal. In Chicago the Sinnerman killed his brother. Pierce wants revenge.

A quick phone call from Lucifer gives Decker info on the Sinnerman’s appearance.

And he just walked into the restaurant they were staking out.

Decker and Pierce rush in. She forgets to hang up and all Lucy can hear is gunshots.

The Sinnerman has killed like everyone. He’s about to kill Frankie when Decker and Pierce barge in. He runs and Decker follows. Decker chased him out and Pierce flanked him. Pierce does the right thing and doesn’t kill him. The Sinnerman is under arrest.

Lucy’s late to the scene but all is good, the Sinnerman is in custody. Not for long though it looks like something is up his sleeve, literally.

Maze is jealous and she comes clean to Linda. Maze feels left out and doesn’t want them getting together.

Dan walks in on Charlotte crying in the bathroom. Like a gentleman Dan comforts her.

Lucifer is waiting for the Sinnerman to get to the police station. It’s time for Lucifer to make his promise come true.

But the Sinnerman beat him to it. He literally gouged his own eyes out so Lucy couldn’t use any devil powers.

My thoughts:

Every time Lucifer says Sinnerman it sounds like Cinnamon and can’t help but think of Apple Jacks.

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Joking aside the Sinnerman is seriously diabolical.

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This week is the mid-season finale.