The colonies are getting updates on what happened with the other groups. Rick gets his update in a microwave in some rubbish on the road. Rick’s update for everyone is that their group won and no Saviors survived, Maggie reports their side won, however Jesus took prisoners that are outside of the Hilltop. Lastly Carol reports things were good, until they got blindsided and only her Jerry and Ezekiel survived. Rick continues that the plan is working, and he is on his way to the next part of the plan, they are all to meet at the Sanctuary in two days to end it. Rick makes his way to the trash people’s home.

At the Hilltop Jesus is feeding the Saviors turnips, some don’t want to eat them. Maggie sees and asks what he is doing, those are food for the Hilltop. Jesus says that they had enough, and even after the Saviors came to raid they left those behind. Maggie says you never know how quickly things could change and they could need those turnips. Gregory says they should just end the Saviors, Maggie tells him to go away but she knows he is right. Later on inside something is being built, Jesus sees it but doesn’t tell the Saviors. The following day Enid comes out to tell Jesus to bring them inside. Inside a jail type pen was made for the Saviors. Maggie tells the town this is where the prisoners will be kept from now on. They will feed them, and not mistreat them, and she will not settle for anything less than total cooperation. Gregory was also thrown into the pen with the Saviors to keep a fox out of the hen house. He tries to suck up to the Saviors after being stuck inside. At the tail end of the episode, Maggie tells Jesus that the Saviors are bargaining chips, she might need to trade them for some of their people and need to keep them alive. She said though that if they are not needed she can’t let them live. Jesus doesn’t seem to like that, Aaron leaves the room at this time, Enid chases him down and asks where he is going, he says he is going to make sure that they do win this. Enid wants to go with him, he decides to let her, he tells her to get her gear and some food they might be gone awhile.

Ezekiel is a hot mess, he doesn’t want to see anyone, Carol wants to go and talk to Ezekiel to go meet Rick as planned. Jerry says he is not seeing any visitors and so she will go herself. One of the kids who lost his brother says he will go and fight. She tells him no and not to follow her. The kid doesn’t at all listen, and follows Carol, he is trying to take down two walkers with a stick, for his age and size he is holding his own until Carol hears and shoots the walkers in the head. She tells him he wasn’t supposed to follow, and does he know what happens to little kids who wander off in the woods? They are lost forever or come back as a monster.

The Walking Dead (Season 2)

Flashback, Carol isn’t wrong, but damn she brought the heat on this one referring to daughter Sophia. Photo Credit: AMC

Kid refuses to go home, he wants to fight the people who killed his brother, Carol thinks he is stupid but lets him come along, but not before giving him a gun. Carol and the kid come back to the Kingdom, Carol asks Jerry to stand with the kid and to stand back as she is going to shoot the door until Jerry says it’s unlocked. Jerry always with the comedy, intended or unintended. She goes inside he knows what she is there for, but he says he can’t do it. He questions why he was able to choose for the people. Carol is about to leave, but she comes back to ask him why he kept coming to visit her. He said that that she made him feel real, not fiction. She cries at this point, and says that he is real to her, to the Kingdom, to the people and they need their king to lead them again. Ezekiel says he can’t lead, he says that she can lead, Carol says no, it has to be him, he was the one to inspire them to build this place in the first place, to inspire them.

This episode had so many different story lines, we take you to Rick next, he went to the trash people, he went to talk to the leader to have them join his side again. She seemed hesitant, so he shows them pictures from the Sanctuary, and from the cleared outposts, and says that should switch sides again, or Rick’s people will end them. They tell Rick no, they think he just has empty threats, and that he talks to much. At the end of this episode, Rick is nearly naked, in a storage container, at this rate he is going to miss the plan at the Sanctuary in 2 days, his container is marked “A”. I’m not sure why Rick always ends up with an “A” but it happened again.

With Rick’s son, Carl, he is found wandering in the forest looking for something or someone. He finds the man he ran into earlier who was looking for food or water but was sent away by Rick. Carl finds the man who seemed to have set up a walker trap, Carl gives him a bag of water and food. The man says his name is Sadiq, and thanks Carl, Carl in turn says he has three questions for him. Sadiq says that he has killed 237 walkers, give or take a couple, he killed only one person and because the dead tried to kill him and they didn’t. Carl asks about the walker traps and if that is why he killed so many, Sadiq says his mom thought that it freed their souls, and said he is doing it to honor his parents. Carl said if he honored his dads wished he wouldn’t be here. On the way back Carl sees some walkers and says for your mom, they go to kill the walkers, it was a tougher contest then you would expect but they get it done. Carl says that he is responsible for Sadiq now, that’s how it goes, and that kids sometimes have to find their own way so they can show their parents the way.

The last group we see, like I said we have so much going on, involves Michonne and Rosita at Alexandria. Michonne after reading the updates from the battles has to go see for herself. Rosita sees her and asks where she is going, she is hurt and shouldn’t go alone. Rosita joins her, but Michonne says you are shot, but Rosita insists she has been shot worse before and to just drive.

Meanwhile, Daryl goes to see Tara who says she was looking for him. She wanted to admit that he was right in not killing Dwight, they wouldn’t have made it this far without him. That doesn’t change the fact that when it is all over she will kill him, Daryl says that maybe they can both kill him.

Back on the road with Michonne and Rosita, Michonne tells Rosita that she was apart of this from the start, and she has an alarm going off in her head. She needs to just go see the Sanctuary for herself in her own eyes to turn the alarm off and go home. Michonne hears something and asks Rosita to stop, who is driving at this point. They get out and hear some very loud music, after getting through a clearing they see a warehouse and go to check it out. Inside were two Saviors who were outside the Sanctuary at the attack and trying to devise a plan to save them. Their idea is a truck with many speakers all tied up in the back to lure walkers away. Michonne is not on her a game and kicks a tennis ball on accident which rolls along the concrete floor towards the two Saviors. The Saviors head after Michonne and the girl finds Michonne and starts to fight and easily gets the better of Michonne because of her injuries. The Savior tells Leo to go to the Sanctuary she will take care of this, while Michonne yells for Rosita to stop him. Rosita is able to find a weapon, and gets in the way of the Savior who says, “baby girl you won’t use that” as Rosita blows the guy up with an RPG. The other Savior uses the diversion to get into the truck and drive off, with all the luck ever, Tara and Daryl are executing their plan and end up running into the truck with their garbage truck. Daryl gets out and shoots her, the two groups play the, “what are you doing out here game?” Daryl and Tara get Michonne and Rosita to join them to the Sanctuary for their rogue plan.