ABC / Bob D’Amico

Once in a blue moon, a network comes out with a comedy that is actually funny without being offensive or rude, that has so much heart, and that assembles a cast so perfect it’s like they were created for the parts they play. The Mayor is that show for ABC

Created by Jeremy Bronson (The Mindy Project, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon), The Mayor is about a young up and coming rapper who runs for mayor of his hometown and wins! Daveed Diggs is an executive producer for the show and creates original music that Courtney Rose (Brandon Michael Hall) raps at perfectly imperfect times.

The show also has an incredible writing staff including Regina Hicks (Insecure), Sarah Haskins (Trophy Wife), & Wijal Patel (Black-ish), & more. These diverse voices bring an authenticity to the show and really write to the strengths of their actors. You can tell that the writers know where they’re taking this story and they’ve quickly figured out how utilize the stars’ talents. Having writing like that also makes the actors excel more and pop more on screen, because they have something real to deliver.

After his publicity stunt goes awry and he has to be the mayor, Courtney gets help from former school rival and overachiever Valentina (Glee’s Lea Michele) and his best friends TK (Marcel Spears) & Jermaine (Bernard D Jones).



Queen Yvette Nicole Brown rounds out the cast as Rose’s mom, who is ever loving and supportive and always brings her son back on the right path. Brown, and all the supporting characters, get to shine in the mayor. They’re all fully realized human beings with lives and dreams and ambitions. They don’t just exist to nag at or be Courtney’s yes-men.

In a year where you can’t escape politics even if you try (and you shouldn’t try, stay informed y’all, confusing and over stimulating us is how they get us!) it might seem hard to watch a show about a wannabe celebrity running for office as a joke and actually winning, but avoiding this show because of that would be a huge (no pun intended) mistake.

After Courtney wins the race, he hires his opponents Chief Of Staff and gets to work. He figures out how to do politics and how to play the game while staying true to himself and doing what’s best for his constituents.

His heart is always in the right place and that makes this show a gem that you should all be watching and recording and iTunes Season Passing and live-tweeting, to show ABC that they can still launch an excellent comedy and to prevent them from making the same mistakes they made with Happy Endings (RIP)



In conclusion, WATCH THE MAYOR!

The Mayor returns on Tuesday December 5th at 9:30/8:30c on ABC , catch up as fast as you can!