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Thor is Norse God of Earth and Thunder. He is in the ancient Norse Eddas and modernly he is in comics, movies, T.V. shows (you’ve got to watch The Almighty Johnsons), video games and even cartoons. The movies he’s in are most notably Marvel’s Thor and The Avengers. He’s in games like Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance and Hi-Rez Studio’s Smite.

Thor is not only the God of Earth and Thunder but he is also the protector of Asgard and Earth. He is the son of the All-Father Odin and Jord, the head God of the Aesir and Giantess of Jotunhiem not Frigg as the recent movies would portray her. The Aesir are the younger of the Norse Gods who live in the stronghold that is Asgard. The Vanir of Vanaheim are the older Gods. Asgard was built by the stonemason Hrimthurs. Knowing how much the Aesir, especially Thor, hates frost giants he hid his lineage. When Thor found out this was the case, he broke Hrimthurs’s skull with his hammer.

His wife is Sif, has a beautiful head of golden hair. He was often found with Loki who was his companion, not his adopted brother, until Loki assaulted Sif. When Loki did that he was in boiling hot water with Thor. Fearing bodily harm, Loki went to the Sons of Ivaldi dwarves from Svartalfeim, to make her some new hair. They did this and more. What they made for Sif was a crown of hair spun from gold, so fine it flowed with the wind and grew from that crown as if real hair. They also make for Odin a spear named Gungnir and a collapsible ship for Freyr. On the way back to the Aesir Loki came upon two dwarves named Brokk and Eiti. They were jealous of these treasures. Loki bet his head that they could not craft a finer gift. Thus Mjollnir was made. The Gods decreed that Brokk and Elite’s offering was superior and thus had won the bet. Loki tried to flee only to be drug back by Thor. Loki now wants revenge.

Ragnarok is the end of the world. Thor is to fight in this war on the side of the Aesir led by Odin. The other side will be led by Loki. It is fated that Thor will die at Ragnarok. It will be his job besides fighting the frost giants to fight and kill Jormungand, the World Serpent. It is this battle that will kill Thor from the venom of the serpent. Fear not! The protector of Earth will fulfill his duties before he succumbs.