Guilty Pleasures Marvel.jpg

Image Source: Marvel Comics Anita Blake

Last week, I introduced you to The Executioner Anita Blake. This week ,I am reviewing Book 1 in the series. The Anita Blake series genres are Urban Fantasy, Horror, and Dark Fantasy. It is written from Anita’s point of view as she takes on bad guys and struggles with her own thoughts and feelings.

In Guilty Pleasures Anita is made to investigate the vampire murders taking place in St. Louis, Missouri by the current Master of the City Nikolaos. She (Nikolaos) has threatened Anita’s friend and then frightened Anita so badly she was compelled to do as she was told. She must go through the freak circuit, convince vamp lovers that she isn’t trying to kill the vampires this time and face her old enemy Valentine, who she thought long dead and he thought the same of her, to complete her task.

I love Anita. She is a bad ass woman but has enough character defects to make her real to me. Not to mention she is short, sarcastic and of German and Mexican decent just like me. We have some similar features so I can completely get into her and feel like it’s me in this series. Since this is the first book we are introduced to everyone for the first time but I start falling in love with Jean-Claude and Phillip right away. Both are sexy men but Phillip touches my heart. Edward is scary, wait until you meet him. You’ll see what I mean.

I definitely recommend this book. The entire series really but this book does a superb job introducing you to everyone in a timely fashion and is paced really well. If you like sexy vampires and violence this book is definitely for you.