“System check initiated. Green across the board.” Welcome back to another addition of Overwatch Tips! Today we’ll be going over the high flyer herself, Pharah. Her dynamics and techniques are very different from the rest of the characters in Overwatch. With enough practice, you will be an unstoppable force in competitive.


You should try to always be above your enemy. above can help tell you where your target is going and where they might be going. Then you can lead your rockets to stop them in your path. But even if you have to go hide for a bit and wait for your abilities to come back and your jet pack to be refueled, always stay in the air.

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment


Pharah’s boop is a very versatile ability in her kit. You can spread the enemy team out, boop people off of a ledge, get close to wall to propel yourself away from trouble, or propel yourself closer towards the point. Making a habit of using your boop at spawn to get to the point faster is important. It also helps to be aware of its cooldown so you can be using it as much as possible.

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Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment

Ult Discreetly

Though Pharah has a very powerful ultimate, it leaves her very vulnerable because she is not able to move or get out of the way. So to make the most of your ultimate, try to sneak behind the team unnoticed or pair with another teammate. Also ulting in the air will leave you pretty vulnerable as well.


Pharah is a good pick in most fights. She can be really effective against Reinhardt, Junkrat, Reaper, Lucio, Mei, and Zarya. Her range alone makes it so these character don’t have a chance of reaching her. But you should be worried about hitscan heroes like Soldier:76, Hanzo, and Widowmaker. With some precise aiming you will be shot down in an instant.

With these tips and some practice you will be the queen of the skies in no time!