Normally around this time of the year everything reaches the tipping point in a show. Characters feel more flushed out, the villain’s plans are finally revealed and the plot is starting to make sense. The same can be said for the episodes of “Eloise Gardener” and “Pretty In Blue” which aired back to back mostly due to both this week being Thanksgiving week and next week Agents Of Shield returns for a two hour premier.

Its safe to say that a lot went down in today’s Once Upon A Time and all the pawns on the chess board were moved in dramatic fashion. We finally figured out what Ivy’s grand plan is and why she has Regina under her thumb. We learned how Henry and Cinderella finally fell in love. Saw the downfall of Victoria’s empire. And even learned of how Hook has a daughter and last but not least, we finally figured out who the Witch is!

For so many things happening, it was sorta hard to keep track of it. Especially at the start of the second half when Alice and Hook met, leading to Hook having a poison heart — which came out of left field since it was never shown n the previous episode that had this other curse on him. I legit scratched my head wondering “what?” to it. However the poison heart set up actually explains why Ivy has Regina the way she is trying to prevent Henry and Cinderella from falling for each other in the real world.


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My only grip for the two episodes was how they easily got rid of Victoria as the big bad and went all in with Ivy being this power-hungry witch alongside the actual Witch, Gothel at her side. Basically Ivy’s grand plan is to steal Anastasia’s power and make it her own before Victoria had a chance too. So it looks like Victoria is now filling in the role that Rumple had and not Cora this season, and most likely will have a redemption arc with Lucy if the next episodes preview is anything to go by. Speaking of Rumple, he didn’t do much besides push Hook into the direction he should be going in but with a word of warning that his action will have dire consequences for everyone in Hyperion Heights.

By the end of the second half, it actually felt like this was the midseason finale with Ivy unable to find Anastasia and even Regina and Henry leaving Hyperion Heights all together, heading to San Francisco to see someone that hates Regina a lot… Leading me to believe that another witch, a rather wicked one is on her way to help save everyone.