Alicia left Morgan alone in the storm, Alicia finds a house to stay in, she goes and kills all of the walkers inside of the home and drags them all outside and lines them up. She sees a family portrait of a family of four, she finds four people, after she takes out all of the people she gathers the pictures and puts it in a container and sets that outside too. She takes note of the house, the basement is starting to flood, and the windows need to be boarded up. She hears some noise upstairs and goes to take a look, outside their is a walker who is stuck in a tree. When Alicia goes to take a look she hears someone scurrying in the house.

Alicia yells that whoever is there needs to go or she will kill them. She just wanted to be left alone, it turns out to be Charlie! Alicia says that she can’t be there, she will probably try to kill her, Alicia instead packs up to leave. Alicia tries to leave in her car, but is struggling to get the car door open with the storm. It finally opens but swings so fast it knocks Alicia out and launches her onto the ground. In the next scene Alicia is alive and safe inside the house, as Charlie saved her.

After realizing where she is and what happened, she goes to talk to Charlie. She brings some verbal HEAT to Charlie, she talks about how her mom died saving them, and her brother died a slow death. He was aware of what was happening, and he knows who killed him and that his life had no meaning as the person he tired to help killed him. She continues that she can’t send Charlie out in the storm, but if she stays she is probably going to kill her, she doesn’t want to, she wants to keep her moms spirit alive. Charlie takes a gun out of her pack while hearing all that Alicia is saying. Alicia tells Charlie that she might just be a kid, but she knows what she did, and so that makes her garbage, and she hopes she lives a long time so she can remember what she did.

The pair is forced to work together to board up the windows, they are making to much noise and attracting a lot of walkers, so after getting one set of windows up they have to retreat back to the house. Alicia asks for Charlies coat so she can dry it, Charlie is hesitant at first but finally hands the coat over. Inside Alicia finds the gun, the same gun that killed Nick, she asks if it is the gun, and ends up pointing it at Charlies head. She asks if she came to kill her before she could kill Charlie? Alicia finally tells Charlie to get out of her who runs off to the room. She goes upstairs and sees the tree walker again, she goes out on the stoop towards the walker looking like she wants to get eaten, but Alicia goes out and stops Charlie.

Downstairs Alicia and Charlie try to bond, Alicia realizes that the gun wasn’t to use against Alicia it was for her protection wasn’t it. Charlie eventually speaks, in the conversation she asks Alicia how long she thinks the storm will last, Alicia tells Charlie she doesn’t know she is from California. Alicia makes them some dinner, and over dinner Charlie asks if she lived near the beach, Alicia said no that it’s a big state and what does it matter? Charlie says it doesn’t, Alicia realizes that Charlie has never been to the beach, she says she hasn’t but she was supposed to go with her parents. Alicia tells Charlie to get some rest and she goes to the couch to sleep. Alicia wakes up in the night and sees the couch empty and looks for Charlie. Charlie is upstairs trying to organize the pictures of the family that was in the house. Alicia says that the people are gone, and she knows what she is doing and but it won’t help things. Charlie says that someone might come back and she knows she is garbage but she is doing this.

The wind kicks up a lot more and Charlie comes downstairs with the pictures. I think a screen comes crashing through the front window, walkers are blown away, the storm is going crazy! Alicia suggests, awfully, that they had to the basement. The basement is filling up with water at a rapid rate, another crash happens and the entry upstairs is blocked. Alicia checks the entry point to the outside and that is locked, at this point Charlie and Alicia realizes they are trapped.

Charlie doesn’t want to die and become a walker. She says she saw her parents die and come back and she couldn’t believe it. She says at this point, she tries but she can’t remember what her parents look like no matter how hard she tries, she wishes she had a picture of them still. Charlie is begging Alicia to kill her, asks if she still has the gun, she can’t die and become a walker, and she knows they are not going to be able to get out of there. Charlie says she knows she wants to, she got her mom killed and killed her brother, finally Alicia puts the gun up to Charlies head, she gets some flash backs of Nick, and her mom, but breaks down crying saying she can’t do it.

A loud crash hits the door that leads outside and pushes the door in a bit. Alicia goes over and is able to get the door open so they can get out. What opened the door for them? That tree walker! He fell just enough to get the door open, Alicia goes over and shoots the walker in the head. The next morning Alicia was awake first, and she buried the family in the yard, and gave them all headstones. Charlie came out and saw what was going on and made a small little smile. Charlie asked if she did it for me, or for yourself, Alicia says she did it for who could come back. Alicia says to Charlie, “so you can find things?” She replies, “yes”. Alicia grabs some of the pictures and puts them in a jar by the headstones, she puts a stone on top of the jar. Charlie comes back outside and behind Alicia, she says, “I can see her in you, even if you can’t it’s there.”

Alicia feeling appropriate guilt tells Charlie that she left Morgan alone in the storm. She walked away from all of them. Charlie says she is good at finding things, so they go to look for everyone. Alicia asks Charlie to close her eyes she will take her to the beach. Alicia begins to paint a picture of the beach. She does a well enough job that she asks Charlie what she sees, she starts to describe what she is envisioning, and she says she can finally see them. She can see her parents again, this gets Alicia feeling a certain type of way.

Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

A walker heads over to Alicia and Charlie to show that the dead own this bridge now. Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

They end up at the mansion for Strand and Luciana. But the mansion is a mangled abandoned mess. So they head to Morgan’s wagon, which is thrashed and turned on it’s side as well. Charlie went to go see John and June’s bus which is turned on it’s side as well all mangled. Charlie says they need to go find them, Alicia says they are all gone, and that things get worse not better.

This next week we get to see what’s going on with Morgan! Morgan finds himself meeting a new group of folks. Friends or foes? For his sake let’s hope for the best!