Last week’s episode featured the shocking end to Victoria, Gothel getting her magic back in the real world thanks to Anastasia, Lucy finally waking up, the Witch Coven plot getting more mysterious and also the introduction of someone killing off members of said Witch Coven. So its pretty jarring to know that, “A Taste Of The Heights” felt so removed from all of that — saved for the moments that bookend the episode and Rumple and Hooks subplot. It almost felt like due to the series being canceled, that what they introduced in this episode was probably what the show runners had in mind for Season 8’s plot but instead are rushing through it now.

The main plot for the episode was actually a Tiana focus story both in the real world and the fairytale world. In the real world Tiana is finally moving forward with opening up her very own food truck to the public but runs into a few issues due to not having a safety permit. And in the fairytale world Tiana is coerced by the returning Dr. Facilier to stop a giant crocodile from rampaging through her kingdom just before her ceremony to be queen. In both of these stories she runs into the cocky yet charming Prince Naveen. In the real world Naveen has his own rival food truck and reconnects with Tiana, but in their cursed personas, and in the fairytale world Tiana and Naveen have an uneasy pairing as they go crocodile hunting alongside Ella and Hook.

Elsewhere in Seattle, Lucy is still at it trying to get her mother, Ella to kiss her father, Henry. So she sets up a game night to get them even closer together, which actually works! But eventually Lucy finds out that her parents can’t kiss and break the curse like she wants, due to the fact that her father is cursed by the Witch Coven and will die if the curse is broken. What is a child to do now?

And lastly, the two other interesting stories is that, Rumple and Hook meet the Old Blind Witch from Hansel and Gretel in a Seattle Bakery find out that she’s a part of the Witch Coven; and Dr. Facilier is alive and well in Seattle with his full memories, up to no good and seemingly replacing Victoria as the corporate villain for the remainder of the series.

Once Upon A Time — Hook

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So as you can tell, besides Lucy, Rumple and Hook’s stories, almost everything in this episode just felt strangely out of place and something that could have better been suited for Season 8, if there was going to be one. But sadly due to the cancelation of the series, they have to put all their cakes in the oven now and hope nothing gets burned.

For me, one of the biggest turn offs of the episode was how out of character Regina was when it came to her seeing Dr. Facilier both in the fairytale flashback and the real world of Seattle. It just left a bad taste in my mouth, especially after how they set up the whole Regina and Robin story from seasons prior. This Dr. Facilier and Regina pairing just felt like it came from left field for a shock twist and may have damaged Regina’s character after all the progress she made over the years from villain to hero.

Next week’s episode seems to get back on track with a Hook centric story that features both Alice and Gothel in it. So maybe we can get the plot moving again when it comes to the Witch Coven and actually get a fitting conclusion for the series and not any loose, open threads now.