Sometimes the creepiest horror isn’t necessarily the longest horror. Check out these outstanding horror shorts, and if any of the links break drop a line in the comments below!

5.) Alexia (2013)

Running time: 08:54, horror, short

Director and Writer: Andrés Borghi

Cast: Sergio Berón as Franco, Paula Carruega as Melina, Pilar Boyle as Alexia


Picture Source: Estrella Infernal

This Argentinian horror short is about a man who is lurking his deceased ex-girlfriend’s social media account on her birthday. While talking to his current girlfriend, Melina, we soon find out that Alexia had committed suicide after Franco broke up with her and he blames himself for it. Melina comforts him and tells him that it will be easier to move on if he would delete her off of said social media website and tells him that she is coming over to try and cheer him up. She signs off and Franco goes to delete her off of the website, but the computer starts glitching and he starts to see images that no one should ever have to see. This short is very creepy in a way that reminds me a lot of the Japanese horror films Ringu (1998) and Ju-On: The Grudge (2003).

You can either watch Alexia on YouTube by following this link or you can watch it by purchasing All Hallows’ Eve 2 (2015).

4.) 2AM: The Smiling Man (2013)

Running time: 04:08, horror, short, comedy

Director: Michael Evans

Writer: Shun Otsubo

Cast: Sean Simon as casual man, Paul Foltz as smiling man


Picture Source: Go For Broke Pictures

A man alone at night notices another man following close behind and smiling at him in a very strange and uncomfortable way. 2AM: The Smiling Man is probably the most frightening of them all. It begins looking very goofy, but less than 30 seconds later I am left feeling very uncomfortable and constantly checking to see if anyone is behind me in my own house. The faces the smiling man makes and the way he moves is extremely unsettling and will make you very uncomfortable very quickly.

You can watch 2AM: The Smiling Man on YouTube by following this link.

3.) Francis (2014)

Running time: 07:14, horror, short, animated, mystery

Director: Richard Hickey

Writer: Dave Eggers

Cast: Cameron Kelly


Picture Source: Not To Scale

Francis begins with a young man explaining a dark, mysterious story about the disappearance of a teenage girl at a lake that he used to frequent with his family. The reasons why he no longer goes camping out at that lake will definitely haunt you and make you think twice about going camping at a remote location by a lake. This extremely well animated short plays upon the feeling of suspense very well and the ending was brilliant. Francis reminds me of a few stories from one of my favourite podcasts The NoSleep Podcast by David Cummings. If you enjoy this short I highly recommend giving that podcast a listen, it will be well worth your time.

You can watch Francis by following this link on YouTube.

2.) Lights Out (2013)

Running time: 02:42, horror, short

Director and Writer: David F. Sandberg as David Sandberg

Cast: Lotta Losten


Picture Source: YouTube/David F. Sandberg

Now adapted into the full feature film titled Lights Out (2016) this short is about a woman who is being haunted by a ghostly figure that shows up and creeps closer to her every time the lights are turned off. This one is very short and to the point but gets the job done regarding the fear factor. Just, try not to think about this one as you get ready for bed and begin to turn your lights off, you might just see something that you don’t want to see.

You can watch Lights Out on YouTube by following this link and be sure to check out David F. Sandberg’s feature length film Lights Out (2016)!

1.) Within the Woods (1978)

Running time: 30:39, horror, short film

Director and Writer: Sam Raimi

Cast: Bruce Campbell as Bruce, Scott Speigel as Scotty, Mary Valenti as Shelly, Ellen Sandweiss as Ellen


Picture Source: Renaissance Pictures

A group of teens go on a vacation to a remote cabin hidden away in the woods which was built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground and because of this the dead can be reanimated and return back from the dead. Does this sound a little bit familiar? You guessed it: this short film later became a feature length film titled The Evil Dead (1981). I may be a little bit biased since this is a precursor to the Evil Dead and it stars one of my all-time favourite horror actors, Bruce Campbell, but this one is definitely a must-see for any horror fan. You will even be able to recognize a few scenes in this short because they were later used in the Evil Dead as well as Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn (1987).

You can watch Within the Woods on YouTube by following this link. Due to copyright issues with the music used within the short it was never released on DVD, VHS or Bluray.

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