What’s up Lucifer fans, how the hell are you? See what I did there. Any who read this to find out what happened last week.

Spoilers incoming.

Vegas with some Radish opens with everyone at the police station singing happy birthday to Chloe Decker, there’s even a cake from Dan. Of course Lucifer shows everyone up by getting a stripper to jump out of a giant cake. Classic Lucifer. Never mind it was actually Ella, I didn’t see that coming.  Lucifer’s enjoyment of the stripper is cut short by a phone call from the Las Vegas police department.

His ex-wife Candy is missing.

Ella walks in on Lucy and senses his emotional unrest. She wants to help Lucy and even though she has a self proclaimed “thing” with Vegas, she invites herself along for the adventure.

Looks like we got a Lucy and Ella team up. Something I don’t think anyone asked for but seems promising.

Now in Vegas, Decker keeps texting Lucy, she wants to know what’s going on but he doesn’t want to ruin her birthday.

Ella and Lucy walk into a crime scene and at first it looks like Candy and she’s missing her face due to a shot gun blast. No worries her feet are too small it’s not her. Thank dad for Candy’s giant feet.

At the crime scene Lucy and Ella meet Detective Long whom Lucifer spoke to on the phone. It seems like Lucifer could be a suspect but using her skills Ella proves that could not be the case. They are not telling the police the dead girl isn’t Candy though, can’t get that back to the killer.

Wow Decker is really worried about Lucifer. She heads to Dr. Linda to see if she knows what’s up. An impromptu therapist section breaks out.

Lucifer and Ella are on the hunt for the killer. Who would want to kill her?

Flashback , Candy was singer in a bar and a pick pocketer. She owed a loan shark named Louie some money and she stole Lucy’s wallet to help pay him. What a touching meet cute.

In the present day the dynamic duo breaks into Louie’s and finds him dead. Looks to be a suicide but it’s impossible that he did. Pink hair was found on the body, perhaps Candy’s? The next lead is his wife Roxie. Jealous of Louie and Candy, possibly. Roxie is at the Moon Beam, that’s where to next.

Decker and Linda are looking for Lucy. He’s not at the penthouse and he took his overnight bag so they decide to party at Lucifer’s instead. Very Risky Businessesque. A call with Lucifer reveals that he is in Vegas. Decker is jealous and that leads to them finding Lucifer’s safe.

Lucy and Ella hit the Moon Beam and Ella looks stunning. Roxie is a pit boss. Time to play some blackjack and get her attention. Ella seems to be quite the gambler.

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Photo Source: MyMBuzz/Lucifer/Fox

Roxie’s attention has been taken. The two have been removed from the table. Ella’s secret is out, she’s a card counter. Louie’s dead and Roxie didn’t do it nor is she surprised.

Linda and Decker have now recruited Dan to help with the safe.

The dynamic duo has been ejected from the casino. Ella gambled to avoid the voices. Too bad for us and Lucifer she quickly changes the subject to how Lucy and Candy got married

Queue another flashback, Lucy confronts Candy about the pick pocketing and she breaks down. She tell’s him everything about Louie and owing money. In turn Lucy spills everything about Decker as they share ice cream and a bottle of wine. They bond and Lucifer forms a plan to help them both.

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Photo Source: Three if By Space/Lucifer/Fox

Back in present day Candy in disguise finds Lucifer and Ella. She says “Lucifer is going to ruin everything.” I smell a secret plan.

Photo Source: Lucifer Wiki/Lucifer/Fox

Candy is trying to catch the killer too. The killer is after the deed to Fletcher’s Candy’s deceased father’s bar. With Candy thought to be deceased and Lucifer technically her next of kin, the deed is his and thus a plan is born.

A musical number is used to draw the killer out.


Photo Source: Lucifer Wiki/Lucifer/Fox

The trio of Linda, Decker and Dan haven’t had any luck with the safe.

The number didn’t work but nonetheless the killer reveals himself. The bartender.

He tries to shoot Lucifer but of course that doesn’t work. Candy pretends to be a ghost a together they get him to confess. He is eventually subdued by Ella.

With the case solved back to LA they go. At home Lucy finds Dan, Linda and Decker passed out.

Lucy confesses to a sleeping Decker why he went to Vegas, she was just pretending to be asleep though. Decker “wakes up” just in time for Lucifer to open the safe and give Decker her birthday present. A necklace with the bullet that Decker shot him with. The gift was the only thing in the safe.

My thoughts:

  • A solid episode definitely meant for last season
  • I enjoy the Ella and Lucifer dynamic
  • It was nice seeing a different side of Ella
  • I want learn more about Ella’s voices
  • I’m getting really tired of the will they won’t relationship of Lucifer and Decker, just get together already

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