“Giants vs. Dwarves” and “About Last Knight”


Source: variety.com

The devil and the beauty are in the details and this week’s “Galavant” had fab moments in spades. In the first half hour, King Richard believed he traded the Jewel of Valencia for Tad Cooper…a “dragon.” A dragon that looked remarkably like a standard issue iguana. The schism between Richard and Galavant grew to unworkable levels when the latter called the former out as a fake king.

Despite its meta and silliness, “Galavant” wraps lessons into its musicality and dialogue. Friendship and relationships as a whole are explored and the result is an interesting view of how people react to trying situations. A fun way this episode covered this was the “battle” between the Giants and Dwarves-as Bobbi so adroitly pointed out, a bunch of dudes each around 5’10”. It’s hilarious but it serves the proper point: Galavant and Richard ARE friends and need each other.

As for the trapped Isabella: she’s still under Wormwood’s spell when she visits a beer-swilling, foul-mouthed, hairy-pitted steampunk princess named Jubilee. Princess Jubilee’s purpose is two-fold: showing Isabella that princesses come in different packages and knocking her crown off, ending the brainwashing. Isabella regains her sense of self and becomes a warrior once more.

In the second episode, we’re treated to Sir Arnold Galavant (I had hopes Anthony Stewart Head would be back, but alas, the elder Galavant was recast) and the younger Galavant’s misgivings toward dear old Dad. It seems Galavant the Elder has had an epiphany in his older years and runs a fencing/jousting orphanage. We witness the how and why Galavant clings AND pushes people away simultaneously, due in part to his relationship with his dad.

As it seems things have settled for our heroes and the quest to save Isabella can resume, the escaped fugitive Sid throws Galavant his trusty sword…and promptly impales him. Oh. Vey. The shenanigans shall continue…