First Look: Crazy Rich Asians


EW blessed our eyeballs last week with exclusive photos from the latest adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s novel – set to premiere August 2018. They also out the films stars, Henry Golding & Constance Wu on their cover in a gorgeous photoshoot dripping with opulence and gold.

Kwan’s novel (the first in a series of three books) focuses on Rachel Chu, a professor of economics at NYU who heads back to Singapore with her boyfriend Nick Young for his best friend’s wedding. Kwan has recently said that he hope to adapt the other books in the series as well, Hunger Games style!


This is the first major Hollywood backed movies with an all Asian Cast since the 1920s (I’m not kidding, think about that) and everyone was committed to doing it right, so far it seems they have succeeded. I’m so excited to see the fashion and the decor and the whole story translated to the screen, this has the potential to surpass The Devil Wears Prada in terms of featuring high fashion and couture.

If you haven’t read Crazy Rich Asians, and it’s sisters China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems, you have a little less than a year to get it done. Keep checking in with us for more CRA news as it breaks!


Author: Hasti

a potato who likes nice things.

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