Slight spoilers may be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on!

Tonights was a Princess & The Frog centric episode and was all about Tiana. It’s safe to say that I think I found my new favorite character behind Rumple, Hook and Regina! Here we see Tiana seek out a Prince who can save her parents financial woes and runs into the voodoo priest, Dr. Facilier. Elsewhere in the real world, Tiana comes up with a plan with Jacinda to counter Victoria’s insane rent prices, Ivy starts scheming against the powers that be and Regina inches closer to her past. Hook meanwhile starts to uncover the plot of the missing girl of Hyperion Heights, who may or may not be his daughter once it’s all said and done.


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This episode actually made me care about the newest character in the series Tiana, mostly due to the fact that her actress is so charming and full of life on screen. She brings an almost Ruby like quality to her character, especially when paired with Lucy or Hook — where she comes alive. Hopefully Tiana sticks around for more seasons and has a stronger character arc!

Dr. Facilier was also impressive and I have a feeling he may become a big bad for a later season with how they had him exit the episode. Ivy is also shaping up into her own character and almost mirrors a younger Regina in a way with her constant need of approval from her mother, just like how Regina was in season two with Cora. I wouldn’t be surprise if Ivy turns out to be the big bad for the second half of the season and the one who actually launched the new curse!

Jacinda on the other hand was actually bearable in tonight’s episode, but she didn’t have much to do as is besides be Tiana’s sidekick. I wouldn’t be surprise if the fan reaction to Jacinda is bad and they’ll flip script with Henry going with Tiana instead and it’s revealed that Lucy is Tiana’s daughter or something; just wishful thinking now.

Notable absences this week was Alice and Rumple, but with how much screen time they had last week, it’s a given they won’t show up tonight. But we did get more insight on the Witch that is locked up in Victoria’s tower. Seems that Victoria’s little web of lies is finally unraveling and next week everyone will start to remember who they are.

A few things that stood out like a sore thumb was the interrogation scene Hook had with a shady criminal, the acting was fine but the actually setting it took place in felt weird. It looked like a shipping dock behind the police department and not an actual holding/interrogation cell. Another questionable choice was the food truck that Jacinda and Hook got for Tiana. THAT WAS IN NO WAY A FOOD TRUCK, it looked like more of a drug dealing truck! Anyways, onward to episode six; things are finally getting good, yes!