Do you like games? Do you like video games? Do you like video games meant for computer-based game play? Now do you like making video games? Or at least…have you always wanted to learn? Am I asking too many questions? Probably, but if you said yest to any of those, I’ve got the company for you. Woodstock Productions, owned, operated and created by Jason Woodstock, not only offers an insane amount of 64-bit PC games, but also teaches their fans how to make their own games. That’s right – at literally NO cost to you, they’ll show you how to bring your ideas to life in the form of a computer game. Not to mention their tutorial catalog is HUGE! How freakin’ crazy is that?


Photo Source: Woodstock Productions

This creative company even offers “geeky apparel, gaming-themed gift items, and accessories,” all of  which you can find in their cafe press shop! I spent like 2 hours looking through it and setting aside items for my Christmas wish-list, so please browse with caution. Now if the website itself wasn’t awesome enough, the owner is absolutely the best. Mr. Woodstock is an independent programmer who has dreamt of creating games his entire life. Woodstock Productions is not only allowing Jason’s own dreams to come true, but gives other programmers the chance to learn more and improve their own skills through his website. But don’t assume that making games is their only task! They also write some insanely good articles over classic, newly created, and up-and-coming video games of all kinds, so even if you’re not a developer or programmer, you can still read through their articles!

But lets say you desperately need to get past a certain point on the game? Maybe you want to let people know about a previously unknown glitch? Or you just want to gush about a game you recently played? You can chat it up in their forums with other gamers in your area at any time! Need a new source of entertainment? Woodstock even has it’s own inventory of games that you can download onto your computer and play at any time. FOR FREE! That’s right, FREE! It’s every poor college student’s dream come true! Woodstock Productions is a unique creation, and it should be praised as such. I spent hours perusing the site, and I’m going to scream from the rooftops how fantastic it is until it gets the recognition it deserves. You can also check out their Youtube introduction below! So go forth my nerd nuggets, go check out this website and give them the love they deserve!