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MGM / Universal Television / Hasti Namaki for The Game Of Nerds

Mindy Kaling is keeping busy beyond The Mindy Project!

As Deadline reported last week, Hulu is developing an hourlong anthology series inspired by the 1994 romantic comedy, Four Weddings & A Funeral.

Four Weddings was a critical and box office hit in the 90s and solidified Grant as a RomCom leading man so it’s no surprise than in the age of reboots, remakes, and adaptations, Hulu would turn to this project.

Another no-brainer is to recruit Mindy Kaling to write and executive produce the project as she has proven herself to be the one to bring romantic comedies into the 2010s. The Mindy Project has after all portrayed about a dozen specific romantic comedies and spent it’s entire run honouring and skewering the genre.

Kaling has brought on Matt Warburton (executive producer and showrunner of The Mindy Project) to executive produce alongside her. Other EPs include the writer of the original movie, Richard Curtis, Jonathan Prince, & Howard Klein.

This anthology series is expected to also follow a group of friends as their lives connect through these five events, each season should focus on a specific story arc, with the characters being in different places but the leads remaining the same throughout.

Although The Mindy Project ends in just a few weeks, Kaling has a packed schedule ahead. She’s expecting her first child in the next few months, she stars in Ava Duvernay’s A Wrinkle In Time, joins the Ocean’s franchise in Ocean’s Eight, writes produces and guests in the new NBC series Champions, and is working on a movie with Emma Thompson and director Nisha Ganatra.

This production is a joint effort between MGM Television & Universal TV. It is expected that Hulu will announce a straight to series order in early 2018.