We opened a brand new mystery box this month, The Collectors Case has been around for a bit, but it finally had a theme we had to jump at. They have two options, one is a standard box with chances for special drops at $25 before shipping. They also have a sure thing case, where you know ahead of time which celebrity autograph is in the box, for $55 before tax.

As of this writing, both options are available for purchase on their website at The Collectors Case

Once you are on the website go to the tab marked store and pick which option you want(or other past boxes). Sorry I do not have any discount links currently. So the first item in the box was something wrapped in paper that we couldn’t see, it turned out to be:


Mystery Funko pop turned out to be Wendy Torrance from the Shining. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds


Boo T-Shirt just in time for Halloween! Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds

A couple lower ed items, some stickers and a Nightmare Before Christmas mini figure which turned out to be an Easter Bunny.


Sons of Anarchy Chrome Emblem, this thing is very heavy. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON


Walking Dead Rick Grimes figure with changeable weapons. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON


The Walking Dead’s Michonne’s Pet Zombie Bust bank. This piece is so cool it can be kept as a show piece! Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON


Next up was The Walking Dead Survival Box, which has one “hit” per pack of five. Three of these cards were special numbered with me landing an autograph! Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON


Lastly brings us to the “Sure Thing” actor, Josh McDermitt who plays Eugene Porter on the Walking Dead. It came in this protector and a certificate of authenticity. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON

I have to say, I think hands down this was my favorite mystery box ever, it was a little more expensive than usual, but I think it delivered. When I saw it was a Eugene autograph, a character I like, I felt the box would be themed in something I liked, and I was not wrong. The Survival box is around $25 if you hunt around in itself, I also think the Michonne bank is perfect as a display bust. It’s such an awesome box I’ve thought about buying another for trade items and gifts for other Walking Dead fans. If I see a theme I like I wouldn’t hesitate to try again.

From what I saw the things that are potential extra hits if you buy the $25 box is the autograph, the mystery pop, the pack of cards, and one other item I did not receive.