Welcome back to Supergirl, poster child for the “shit not happening the way it’s supposed to,” side of life. Things get crazy this episode, and a lot of feelings happen. I’m a giant ball of emotion when it comes to this show, I’m just glad you can’t see tear stains on a computer screen. Regardless, let’s dive in to the action and my…unnecessary but willingly given opinions!

We sort of come full circle this episode when we see a conversation between two men on an airplane – one, so young and full of life, so vibrant, the other older, distraught, and without hope. The plane starts to crash and in a moment of clarity the older gentleman looks around and sees many passengers praying for safety, but then he looks out the window and sees…a girl in black, standing on the wing of the plane. We’ve swung back to the first episode of Supergirl, where Kara comes out to the world and saves Alex’s life for the first time. Things turn a little weird when, fast forward to present day, a cultist group praises Rao for bringing them their savior, Supergirl herself. Things get alarmingly climactic when Supergirl discovers that National City citizens are throwing themselves into danger on purpose, in order to be “Saved” – apparently it’s the cult’s form of baptism.


The symbol of Rao – Supergirl – The CW

The leader, Thomas Coville sends out his recruiters with pamphlets depicting the symbol of Rao, and through out the episode, he gets increasingly insane. At one point, she actually approaches him as Kara Danvers, and he recognizes her. While he promises her secret is safe, he also asks if she’s attempting to test his faith in her. Kara tells him that if he believes her to be a god, then he needs to listen to her and stop the meetings – he needed to trust her. When she leaves, he goes to a back room in his…uh’…chapel, that contains a strange pod. It turns out the pod is in fact like a time capsule that Kryptonians would send into space – it would be full of information, like their history, their religion, and so on. But things get out of hand when Thomas plants the pod beneath a hockey stadium in an attempt to make Kara realize how much of a god she is. The pod is degrading, and if it gets too far, it can kill virtually everyone in a block’s radius.

If I go crazy well will you still call me Superman

Kryptonite Looks Like It Just Hurts – Supergirl – The CW

Kara tries to stop it, but quickly realizes the pod has a LOT of Kryptonite in it. She collapses to her knees, too weak to even stand. Thomas claims this all to be a part of Rao’s plan, and so, in a desperate act to prove him wrong, Supergirl grabs a nearby nail and slices her hand open. Gods can’t bleed, and thankfully it’s sufficient to not only scatter the cultists, but shake Thomas’s faith in her. Alex manages to get the Kryptonite far enough away from Kara that it won’t affect her, but she’s still too weak to fly it out of the building. Instead, she laser-visions a hole in the ground, far enough down that when the Pod gets pushed in, it doesn’t damage the stadium. Later, Kara visits Thomas in jail, where he admits that he’ll continue praying to her…but he’ll also pray FOR her.

The events allow Kara to remind herself of her own religion, and though it had been heavily perverted, hearing the prayers of her god, the ones that had been spoken to her by her mother, allows her to revisit her own faith. She sits with the hologram of her mother, and the two recite one of those very same ones.

Kara and Momma

Kara Finding Her Faith – Supergirl – The CW

Significant things to note in this episode: After celebrating a girls’ night with Maggie, Sam, Lena, and Kara, the quartet become rather close rather quickly. Each of them tells Sam that Ruby will now have a handful of cool aunts – except Kara, who will be a “slightly nerdier aunt,” according to Alex. And when Alex, Kara, and Lena go to see Ruby’s performance at her school, Alex gets overwhelmed and has to leave. Kara quickly follows and Alex admits that she can’t just let go of the fact that Maggie doesn’t want kids and she does. Will this be the thing that drives a wedge between them? Also Alex is the definition of hot mom. If her daughter’s name doesn’t end up being Stacy, JUST so I can sing that dumb song, I will be so peeved.

After everything is said and done, Sam is getting ready for bed when she has an alarming vision. Strange symbols cover her skin, and when she turns around she’s approached by a terrifying cloaked figure, who tells her that soon, “She will Reign.” Viewers soon learn that Kara’s plan to drop the pod thousands of feet below the stadium causes a ship below the National City lake to stir, not only waking its’ systems up, but also allowing the creatures sleeping in their pods to wake up. The episode ends with an ominous hand shooting through the fog, only to press against the glass of it’s sleep-chamber.


Nothing Good Ever Comes From Someone’s Hand Doing That – Supergirl – The CW

Side note: I am going to gush about Lena in every episode, even the ones she’s not in, because I am in LOVE WITH KATIE. Fight me. And on that note, tune in to Supergirl every Monday on The CW! Thanks for reading!