Every week these Flash episodes are getting better and better, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have questions! But now they’re good questions, like about the plot not necessarily about the writing and style of the show as much anymore. This week was thought-provoking and interesting and only adds to the mystery of the show!
One thing that somewhat bothers me is Felicity. Not really her in general, but the way she’s thrown into this show. I’ve never seen Arrow so I’m not sure what she’s like over there but I think that’s part of the problem! What has she been up to?


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What wedding? She’s getting married? However I think ever since her and Iris are getting married I think they should have a Gentlemen Prefer Blondes style double wedding, because, why not?

When we first see the guys go into a strip club I was already rolling my eyes to the point where you’d expect one to fall out into a champagne glass and than have a snake-like creature come out of it (where have I seen that before?) but when they made it so Cecile’s daughter was a stripper, and so that she could prove women can do whatever they damn


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; Left: Jane Russell Right: Marilyn Monroe Photo from: The Toast

well please, I liked it!
I’m glad we finally get to learn more about Caitlin/ Killer Frost’s past, I’ve been dying to hear more, and I’m liking the direction they’re going, but I still think they should have cuffed Kaitlyn’s former boss. But I think it was important for Caitlin to overcome her fear of being Killer Frost and work it into her personality, because we get to see how helpful she can be when you have her on your side.
I think the Weaper is by far the worst/best meta yet. Se he’s the worst because, crying drugs? I mean yeah I can see how that can be used for villainous purposes but like, how pissed would you be if you finally wake up with super powers and it’s just free drugs? But he’s the best because he already has a tragic back story, like why do you have to abuse him to get the tear drugs?! Can’t you just like, cut onions around him, or make him watch Toy Story 3, because I feel like that would be way more effective at getting the tears, seriously the last 10 minutes of TS3 and you have enough drug tears to keep your entire cartel running for like a year! But whatever, faulty villain logic aside, what is the end goal of Mr. I’m-too-good-to-walk?
Even though I’m very happy for Joe and Cecil, I do wonder, how is Cecil still capable of having children? If Joe is almost 50, then Cecil can’t be too far off right? Also, it makes me wonder why they threw this story line in, is there going to be like, a baby Team Flash member? IS it going to be like how on soap operas you see the characters having a baby one day and the next they’re an adult? I want to see where they plan on going with that, but who knows.

This week of The Flash was funny and lighthearted and just what I wanted to see! You can catch The Flash on the CW Tuesday at 8 PST and you can read reviews of the other Flash episodes here and here!