Hello and welcome back, my nerdy friends! Lets jump right into the review this week on Ghosted – Whispers. Unlike the first two episodes, I actually really enjoyed this one, and wished the episode focused more on Leroy and Max, instead of getting a secondary storyline involved. We start the episode out on a shooting range, Max and Leroy practicing their aim while talking about their love lives. But before we get into too many details, a case in Tampa drags the duo down South. We did see a cute moment when it is revealed ‘Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn will put Leroy in a trance.

g ep 3

Bros being bros! Courtesy of © Fox

The episode shows Director Lafrey ‘keeping tabs’ on (ie, see stalking) her daughter with the ‘help’ (ie, orders) of Barry and Annie. The whole plot would have done a bit better without Barry’s involvement, it seems like they aren’t really sure of his involvement of the character. Sometimes, it is a nice, sensitive character, other times it’s like he is the sarcastic friend. But Annie’s, Ava Lafrey, and Shannon’s chemistry really struck a cord, especially since I have issues with mothers. It sucks to be abandoned, and not loved, Ava is just trying to be the best mother she can be. I hope we get to see more of Shannon later on in the series.

Down in Florida, Leroy is trying to find the heart snatcher, and Max is trying to find someone to snatch Leroy’s heart. Enter Officer Natalie, played by Megalyn Echikunwoke. Instantly, there seems to be minor attraction, especially as Nat picks on Max, making Leroy smile. The duo runs across her in the bar, and Maxwell excuses himself in the only way he can – awkwardly and obviously trying to play wingman to Leroy. I truly loved the chemistry between Nat and Leroy’s characters, you could feel the love between them begin to form. I really loved how when she said “You are lucky I even let you sit down” and Leroy responded with a yes, you could tell he really meant it. 

Too bad Max actually found a real heart snatcher for Leroy. Realizing the cop is the killer, he breaks the cardinal rule of ‘sock on the door, sleep on the floor’, and goes in. At first, it seems he is mistaken, until he remembers when a certain person’s blog was made. The succubus creature tries to have Leroy kill Max, but quick thinking involves a serenade of ‘Walking in Memphis’, breaking Leroy out of Nat’s hold, and she ends up escaping. I am sure she will be back, as she can change shapes, just not the tattoos on her wrist.

g ep 3 love

Finally, we see Max reunite with his wife! Courtesy of © Fox

At the tailend of the episode, we get to finally see Claire, Max’s wife. I have been super excited for her introduction, since it might spark a catalyst in Max’s character, for good or for bad. The only glance we got of her was in the first episode, as she let out a banshee scream. Sadly, the reunion is less than joyous, ending with Claire whispering “Don’t look for me” and then knocking Max out before escaping. Poor Max.

The season is far from over, but I like to make little predictions – I think that Leroy is going to seriously injure Max, landing him in the hospital, and we haven’t seen the last of the succubus. We of course will see snippets of Claire as the pair chase after her, but she won’t be super involved until maybe the season finale, in which we find out what really happened that night. Welp, I will see you all next week, I really hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing. Stay shiny!