We finally have the backstory on Savitar and “Future Barry” and it actually was much better than what I expected. It was darker and more gritty than what this show usually does. I kind of understand Savitar and his reasons why he became a “God”.  Savitar is a time remnant who barely survived an attacked to only be rejected by Team Flash. Hearing his origins and the pain he had to endure was something I didn’t see coming. I understood him completely. In his eyes, the current Barry is the villain. Future Barry is a broken soul who wants Barry to understand his actions has consequences. Barry even had to hold back on some of this new info as he knew Team Flash would all blame themselves for the creation of Savitar.  Team Flash think up of an idea to wipe Barry’s memories which lead to a very funny episode. However, as funny and fun this episode was there was a tone shift that made this episode a bit rough. The tone shift didn’t sit well with me and seems like a way from the writing team ti keep this show feeling like Arrow.  After a while, I was able to get into this new funny moments but then we end on a darker note with Savitar forgetting his memories.  Again another tone shift that felt forced. Overall this Episode was okay but couldn’t help the need for comedy kept this from being a great episode.