LAUREL IS BACK. She skipped out on everyone with Tegan’s help and now she is back. Annalise has taken off and Connor and Michaela have been arrested for Asher’s death. Asher was the secret informant and he was first struck by Oliver, but he got away and went home. He knows that he messed up. Now he is dead, and the FBI is dead sure they know who did it. Are they wrong? It’s possible. Don’t forget, that it was Asher’s sister who got him to nark on his friends too. All of their hands are dirty huh. Oliver calls Bonnie and alerts her of the news of Asher’s death.

In an interesting turn of events, Oliver confesses to Asher’s murder when Frank tries to pick him up from the police station. So everyone is a suspect. Bonnie does some confronting of her own. She asks Tegan if she helped Annalise escape and she denies it although she did help Laurel escape. Then we have a flashback and Asher is trying to accuse Laurel of being the informant. Asher is recording everyone. He gives himself away and Bonnie realized that he is the informant. Frank shows up and he and Bonnie take Asher home. Asher looks wary, I guess he thinks that Frank is going to hurt him, because, well Frank is the muscle although he has changed a lot.

Tegan has decided to be Michaela’s lawyer or at least try to be and Bonnie is helping Oliver and Connor. The thing is, who really killed Asher and Michaela has already hired a lawyer. Her estranged father. Her estranged rich father. If you recall how she didn’t want anything to do with him but his money and now she is daddy’s little girl. So she only needs people when she is in trouble. Other than that she is better than everyone. At the same time. Frank is driving a worried Asher back to his house. While they were in the car he tries to get Frank to admit to doing some bad things. Frank is already hip to Asher’s game and blames the shrooms they took earlier.

Nothing is going according to plan. And it looks like there are two episodes in one. Asher seems to be having an internal struggle about what to do about his family and his friends. Once again he gets nothing from Frank. They are all realizing that Annalise is gone and that Tegan is who really helped Laurel escape. Tegan explains how she helped Laurel and Frank advises her of the repercussions of her actions. Tegan is pissed because Annalise left everyone with the mess. It’s not her mess.

Can I say who else is getting on my nerves? Nate and his self-righteousness. He likes to act like he is better than everyone else. Now I am not saying that Annalise’s hands are clean, she has done a few folks dirty, but she hasn’t killed a single soul. She has just been trying to help because Sam was her husband and created a mess. I do not like how everyone is turning against her and trying to blame Annalise for all of their actions. I wish Annalise would tell on everyone. She is trying to escape but she changes her mind and doesn’t leave for whatever reason. She seems like she is scared to leave with the people she paid to help her disappear. I think she thinks that they will do something to her. Instead, she gets caught by the Mexican police due to everyone turning on her. Now, what will they do if Annalise decides to start talking? I would tell on each and every one of them.

Michaela ends up seeing Connor in the hallway as she is leaving with her dad. They find out that they both been played by the FBI. Connor, what was the deal that each ended up with? No jail time and they get to go home? The rest of the group is finding out just how far the loyalty to each other lies. Annalise finds out just how far the blame reaches as she is arrested.