Photo Source: Star Wars Wikia

Admit it. You’re thinking about the Star Wars theme music now, simply from seeing that image.

That’s an amazing thing about music, and how we associate it with certain things. It’s pretty powerful.

When you think about it, theme songs become an integral part of the movie/TV show viewing experience. There’s something about them that sticks with us, even after the show is over… and usually they are accompanied by many feels. (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – we won’t judge, okay?)

So, here’s the latest playlist from TGON Music, featuring a number of theme/title songs! Listen on Spotify!

Now, there are a LOT of movies and shows out there, with a ton of fantastic theme songs and soundtracks, and it’s impossible to think of them all! So, tell us your favourite theme/title songs, and let’s make this the greatest compilation of feels-inducing music ever. (Because…that’s just the kind of nerdy thing we do.)