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Episode synopsis:

“THE RETURN OF TATSU – Oliver (Stephen Amell), John (David Ramsey), Laurel (Katie Cassidy Rogers), and Tatsu (guest star Rila Fukushima) seek out an important person within The Monitor’s (guest star LaMonica Garrett) plan. Connor (Joseph David Jones) has a heart to heart with his brother (guest star Charlie Barnett).” – the CW

Oliver finds himself waking up in a hotel room to the Monitor yelling at him for interfering on Earth-2 and saving Laurel. The destruction of Earth-2 is the incoming crisis—any Earth could be next. If Oliver wants the multiverse to survive he needs to follow orders. The Monitor tells Oliver he is back on Earth-1 and needs to find Robert Wong. The Monitor then disappears and Diggle barges into telling him they need to go. A bunch of dudes charge and John and Oliver fight their way out of a building, Laurel joins too. They leave the building to discover that they are in Hong Kong.

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As expected Laurel isn’t very happy about the complete and utter destruction of her Earth. She walks off into Hong Kong to cooldown.

Flash forward, back in the Arrow Cave future Team Arrow are beefing over Connor’s brother JJ. Vasquez is safe but JJ got the codes. The vault was already looted and all that’s left is the security footage but first William has to fix the flash drive housing it first.

Diggle take Oliver to an ARGUS machine. Lyla is on the way too. Oliver himself is also reeling over the destruction of Earth 2. Dig and Oliver learn that Robert Wong is a biophysicist, who has been missing for a week. And more people barge in and want to fight. Diggle and Oliver kick ass. Katana barges through a window and stabs everyone. So, she’s in this episode. Katana takes them to a safe place.  She is now the protector of Hong Kong. She knows of the monitors existence and wants to help.

Laurel meanwhile is attempting to break into a bar. Lyla interferes. Laurel is looking for a former Cayden James associate to help her get back to Earth-2. Lyla helps her break in and you guessed it.. they fought some dudes. Laurel finds David Chen. The man who will fix the breach device. He agrees after some convincing.

The future, Team Arrow is at a black market spot looking for JJ. JJ finds them along with his gang. JJ just wants a friendly chat with his little bro.

Oliver and company find that Wong is working on a project for the government. He isn’t missing he is being protected and the government is moving him this very night. Ollie, Dig and Katana attempt to intercept him when the Triads show up and start blasting. Ollie goes after Wong while Dig and Katana fight the Triad. China White drops from the sky and welcomes Oliver back to Hong Kong aka they start fighting. She subdues Ollie and escapes in a smoke grenade.

Back at the safe house. The triad has Wong. ARGUS has no idea China White was on the loose. The crew needs to figure out what Wong was working on to find out what the Triad wants him for.

Meanwhile Chen is working. The breach device works it just doesn’t work for Earth-2 because, well it’s gone. Laurel doesn’t want to believe Chen and breaks down again.

No info is available on Wong’s work but a paper trail leads Oliver to a place where stuff was being shipped, a military base. Oliver infiltrates and finds what Wong was working on, the alpha omega virus.

Ollie wants to bait China White with the virus. The virus for Wong. Katana isn’t about it, that is what killed her son after all. Katana also doesn’t believe the Monitor has good intentions for Wong. Oliver doesn’t want to listen, this has to work.

In future, JJ and Connor are hanging. Connor tries to reason with him, telling him this isn’t him. Classic way to talk to a former good guy.

A deal with China White is in progress. Wong is there but he is wearing an exploding vest which will be deactivated once China and the virus are save. Arrow and company are not about it so, Katana starts slashing and Diggle starts shooting and Oliver arrows. Katana v. China. Arrow after Wong. Diggle after virus. Everybody fights. Lyla and Laurel provide some needed assistance. China gets the upper hand and stabs Katana just after she gets the detonator from China. Laurel in the nick of time screams China away before she can deliver a killing blow.

Back at safe house, Katana will be okay. ARGUS is holding Wong. Laurel is on team save the multiverse. Oliver isn’t ready to hand Wong over until he has some answers. The Monitor needs to spill the beans.

In future, JJ was expecting Connor to show up, they were never after the valuabiles. The bunker is being stormed. This was just a chance to chew some scenery and distract future team Arrow.

Oliver apologizes to Katana. Ollie is going to Nanda Parbat for answers.

Lyla meets with the Monitor. They’ve been in cahoots this whole time, goodbye leverage.

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