Episode “It’s a Trap”


Source: ABC Network // HTGAWM

If there’s one thing that I know about HTGAWM, it’s this: Annalise Keating would’ve been a HORRIBLE mother. Seeing her interactions with her students-and to a lesser extent, the flashbacks when she was almost ready to pop-show her discomfort with different mindsets. If there are any people that have a different mindset, it’ll be your kids.

As Keating and Co. are being blackmailed by an unnamed source (possibly, probably, definitely crazy, secret Hapstall kid Philip), Annalise goes into attack mode. The attack is a skoche…lacking somewhat. Annalise has been profoundly changed by her near-death shooting and it’s affected her work. The fire, the passion that is key to Annalise Keating is missing. It possibly has to do with the fact that she’s exiled Wes (aka Christophe) with her frostiness.

This episode was choppy and had some issues in tone and quality. Honestly, the flashbacks of Annalise defending the hedgefund heir were the most compelling portion of it. Did everyone gasp when hedgefund dad told Annalise “don’t give your people a bad name?” Was that just me?

The ending though…that. ending! We knew Annalise had something to do with the supposed suicide of Wes’s mother, but to hide that baby Wes was probably the killer?? Cold, cold-blooded. I’m on tenterhooks for next week’s episode because all (and yet nothing) will be revealed. Keep rolling with us for more, more, MORE!