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The Venture Bros. “The Inamorata Consequence” – Dean Got Called Rusty? PP on your Belt?!

Another episode of Season 7 in the books, and another one that blows us away, but this time with the feel of classic VB. Not that we don’t love the bigger events, and this episode didn’t lack heavy call backs or even the sparking of new theories, but it progressed new story and opened the door for new plot!

The episode felt more balanced with the Venture crew split into 3 separate, yet connected storylines (what else is new?)
Venture Bros – Adult Swim

Team Venture returns to the Venture Compound for the first time since Season 5 in order to host the second summit of the Treaty of Tolerance. An event originally hosted on the compound by Jonas Venture Sr. to create the Treaty of Tolerance governing Guild/OSI relations 50 years prior. The summit itself was hilarious as expected with a focus on PC negotiations and hyper characterization of some of our favorites (Hunter and ShoreLeave and even Phantom Limb were a hoot this week).

Venture Bros – Adult Swim

Hank finally runs into his old bestie Dermott, who after the Venture Comppund fiasco got swept up with the OSI in exchange for silence about his secret parentage (a non cloned Venture brother!). They go on their own adventure and end up spying on the secret relationship of OSI Kimberly McManus and the Guild’s S-464. The running gag is that McManus gets mad when she finds PP on his belt. Toilet humor ensues, but the reality is that it’s the discovery that 464 is a mole working with other arching agency the Peril Partnership. This will serve as a great segway into taasks for the casts to focus on moving forward, but if we are talking outside organizations, could we get a yie back into the corrupt Crusaders Action League we saw ahen Fallen Arch was taking payment from Wide Wale? We have our antennas up on this one.

Venture Bros – Adult Swim
Every one was abuzz about Dean’s adventure back to Ben’s cabin where he meets an augmented second generation red H.E.L.P.e.R that Ben keeps as an assistant. While the master wasn’t home his assistant and Dean bond over life as a weird acience byproduct and their wants and desires. What had everyone talking though was as Dean was leaving, the Helper unit called him Rusty. People have taken this to possibly be as basic as implying that Rusty is a clone (sensible since Jonas started the clining program and was constantly endangering his child with little concern. So not shocking). Another possibility, that we like more but see the holes in, is that Dean could share so many features and bio identifiers woth his father that it through the robot off because Dean is more than just Rusty’s son, but possibly a genetically altered clone of his father? Anything is possible in the Venture universe, but whatever Dean’s revolation was it made him feel closer to his father, and we will continue to be coming back to see what the creators reveal next!

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