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Happy Tuesday, everybody. This week’s pick is a tiny Marvel movie — tiny get it — Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Standard Blu-ray

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Best Buy 4K Steelbook

Ant-Man and the Wasp [SteelBook] [Digital Copy] [4K Ultra HD Blu-ray/Blu-ray] [Only @ Best Buy] [2018] - Front_Standard
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Target Exclusive 4K

Ant-Man & the Wasp 2-Disc (Target Exclusive) (4K/UHD) - image 1 of 1
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Scott Lang is grappling with the consequences of his choices as both a superhero and a father. Approached by Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym, Lang must once again don the Ant-Man suit and fight alongside the Wasp. The urgent mission soon leads to secret revelations from the past as the dynamic duo finds itself in an epic battle against a powerful new enemy. – Marvel Studios

Hey I liked this movie, that’s why I picked it. If you want my full thoughts, you can read my review found right here.

Included with the Blu-ray:

  • 4K Blu-ray Disc (Target and Best Buy exclusives)
  • Blu-ray Disc
  • DVD (Standard edition)
  • Digital HD
  • 40 page gallery book (Target)
  • Special Features
    • Director’s Intro by Peyton Reed – The talented creator behind some of Marvel Studios’ funniest and most charming films will invite home audiences deeper into the world of “Ant-Man and The Wasp.”
    • Making-of Featurettes:
      • Back in the Ant Suit: Scott Lang – Hero and all-star dad Scott Lang keeps the laughs coming for the audience, cast and crew.
      • A Suit of Her Own: The Wasp – Highly trained Hope Van Dyne is now the Wasp. See how some of her craziest stunts and action-packed scenes were brought to life.
      • Subatomic Super Heroes: Hank & Janet – Hank Pym’s wife Janet was lost in the quantum realm. Trace the legacy of these characters and the iconic actors who portray them.
      • Quantum Perspective: The VFX and Production Design of “Ant-Man and The Wasp” – Explore the movie’s visual effects and production design from a whole new viewpoint, in which every micro and macro detail counts.
    • Gag Reel and Outtakes – Audiences are treated to the hilarious quips that did not make the film as well as exclusive outtakes from Stan Lee and Tim Heidecker.
    • Gag Reel – Join in the fun with these outtakes from the set.
      Stan Lee Outtakes – Stan Lee tries out a series of hilarious one-liners for the scene in which his car shrinks.
    • Tim Heidecker Outtakes – Check out Whale Boat Captain Daniel Goobler and his improvised whale-watching riffs.
    • Deleted Scenes (with commentary by Director Peyton Reed)
    • Worlds Upon Worlds – As Janet leads Hank through the surreal landscape of the quantum realm, they encounter an intelligent life form.
    • Sonny’s on the Trail – On the hunt for Hank Pym and his lab, Sonny Burch and his henchmen check the security camera of a neighborhood bookstore.

You can buy the standard edition here.

You can buy the sweet sweet steelie here.

And you can buy the Target exclusive here.

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Next week I’m sorry to bother you. 


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