Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 Poster 2 Updated Cropped

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Cropped Poster. Original Photo Courtesy CW.

Good news for all of you Legends of Tomorrow fans, we have even more art for season 3!

Thanks to the official twitter account of Legends of Tomorrow ,we now have our first look at the new poster for the season which you can see below.

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 Poster 2 Updated

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Poster. Source courtesy of CW.

It looks like the team is back together, however with one notable absence: RIP Hunter is nowhere to be seen.  Not too surprising as he essentially left the team at the end of last season’s finale. Judging from trailers and pictures for this upcoming season though, it doesn’t look like he isn’t quite out of the narrative yet.  His newly founded Time Bureau promises to be an additional thorn in the Legend’s side, on top of the villainous cable led by Grodd that they will also be dealing with.

Are you guys excited for what this season will be bringing? Be sure to comment below with your thoughts!


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Returns to the CW for an all-new episode on October 10th at 9pm EST