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Episode Synopsis:

Taystee gets fan mail — and an assist from an old friend. Piper lobbies Luschek to bring back kickball. Aleida tries out a new sales tactic.


Drugs- We continue with the drug storyline, and of course Daddy wants her girl Daya, to help her out. It was already touch and go, because Daddy told Daya to talk to her friends in C block, and now is definitely not the time to be fraternizing with the enemy. And the thing that annoys me, is that Daya is oblivious to the fact, that she is becoming addicted to oxy. She’s been covering it up, by saying that she’s in a lot of pain, and the drugs are helping her with it, which may be true, but on the other hand, drugs like oxy, can make a person dependent on it. What is interesting to see, is that Daya and Daddy are in this weird relationship, where they’re helping each other out, but at the same time, are doing things for themselves. Even though Daya says that she’ll help get drugs for Daddy, she secretly wants them for herself.

And on the flip side to this storyline, we find that Blanca wants to get pregnant. I liked that her and Nicky banded together and that Nicky was willing to help a fellow “friend” out.

Fan mail- We got to see more flashbacks of Taystee’s life before she landed in prison, and we got to see her friendship with Tamika. They are definitely similar in personality, and we saw that at the time, Tamika didn’t mind going against policy. But somehow, something changed between them, and Taystee landed on the wrong side of the law. And it sucks that there is such a power struggle between the two now, since Taystee is the inmate, and Tamika is the guard. Tamika wants to be a friend to Taystee, but she knows that she needs to put Taystee in her place. Case in point, Tamika thought it would be a good idea for Taystee to do an interview with a journalist, but she didn’t realize, that Taystee would put the guards in such a bad light. And sadly, Taystee isn’t wrong. The guards treat the inmates terribly.

Madison returns- And another power struggle going on is between Alex and Madison. Since Alex arrived and noticed that Madison wanted to mess with Piper, she’s been trying to be on Madison’s good side, but unfortunately, she’s realized that she’s started to become one of Madison’s accomplices. Alex wants the upper hand, so that Madison won’t mess with Piper, but things are going too far. Alex funnily enough, has Madison’s cell phone, and towards the end of the episode, is somewhat praised by Carol. I think Alex better be careful, because if she gets in too deep, she’s not going to be able to get out from the grasps of the head honchos.

Sell, sell, sell- Yet again, we are seeing Aleida’s struggle with trying to sell her weight lose products, and this storyline is still boring. This storyline is going no where, besides sending Aleida to different places to try to sell her stuff, but the only interesting thing that happened, was that one of the guards from Litchfield, wanted to take her on a date.

Red & Carol- One little storyline that intrigued me was Red finally meeting Carol. Of course it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows in the beginning, but I’m really interested to see what happens between these two, since Red confessed that she also wants revenge on Freida.