If you ask two different people who gamble, you’ll get absolutely different answers. Everyone has their own opinion on how to win big and hit the jackpot. The truth, however, is that there is no magic secret in the world of gambling. There is no single formula that ascertains a player will win big. Still, there is a bunch of tips and secrets casinos don’t want gamblers to know about. Below is a full list of tips that can help any novice not to lose all their possessions. 

Slot Position Secrets

First of all, let`s discuss how casinos trick gamblers into thinking everything in the gaming room is randomly placed for aesthetics and easy access. Every square inch of a casino is usually measured, monitored, analyzed and reported to the relevant casino gaming department. Traffic patterns and relevant data is carefully analyzed to determine the best positions for placing specific machines. 

The machines with the highest yielding slots and the most popular ones are usually placed in areas with the highest traffic. Now you know that the slots making more money for the casino are placed in the most accessible areas. Go to the back of the casino rooms to get slots that will offer better values. The same applies to online casinos such as http://onlineslotsx.com/, where the most favorable slot games appear on the best of featured lists. Do you make a research before playing any slot machine to get a better picture of what you are getting into?

Payout and Jackpots

Different machines have different payouts and rewards since not all are equal. In general, video slots have a lower payout than the classic reel slot machines. The reason behind this is that reel slots are much cheaper to maintain and are not as appealing as the video ones. Video slots are fascinating and attract huge numbers of players thus casinos can lower the payout rates. 

On the other hand, since classic slots aren`t so popular, developers have to increase the pay rates to broaden their audiences. Before committing your hard-earned money on any slot machine, sit back and do some research to find out the payout rate and RTP. 

It is also important to note that not all wins are actual wins. Games often play the jingle sounds or display an animation of some sort when a punter wins. This, however, does not always indicate you have made a profit. You could have made a win of some sort, but the amount may be less than what you had wagered in the first place. This tactic is used to make gamblers think they have won while they may be losing money. 

All the major progressive jackpots are played across different locations, claims Wikipedia. Ever stared in awe at the jackpot amount being offered by a machine, which could be running into millions of dollars. But this is only a trick. The slots are usually linked either globally or nationwide, and the displayed jackpot is being played across hundreds if not thousands of casinos. Gamblers usually don’t know this, so they often sit and play believing they are the only ones who could win the prize at that time. 

You are Being Monitored

From the moment you log in to your favorite online casino, or from the second you pop into a casino, you are being tracked. All your moves are tracked and recorded automatically. Slot machines use sophisticated software and hardware that ensures efficient tracking of gamblers. 

Even scarier, they want to incorporate facial recognition technology which will detect players, associate them with their relevant player cards and track all their movements. In the future, technology will also be used to monitor gamblers in order to provide substantial information that could be used to create customized marketing strategies that will keep gamblers coming back to play more. This shows the lengths casinos are willing to go to earn that extra buck stacked in your wallet. 

Theme Tricks

We can`t stop discussing the secrets of slot machines without mentioning the extra theme tricks used in the games listed on The Guardian. One major secret in the gambling world is the fact that manufacturers use researchers and psychologists to create the most captivating games.

These teams of experts advise on the color, sound and graphics combinations that are more appealing and will make the player feel as happy as the day is long. However, the downside of this is that these theme tricks can entice gamblers to continue playing without knowing when to stop. Most casinos both online and land-based don’t want you to be aware of this.