The latest movie to be remade into a musical? The 1983 classic Valley Girl!

Valley Girl has been one of my favorite movies since my 8th grade year when my mother first introduced me to it. Immediately, I forced all of my friends to watch it, too. Though to them it might be some movie they watched one time and only remember certain parts, it’s a movie I practically have memorized at this point.

Classic “opposites attract” story. Rich, popular Julie from the Valley falls for punk Randy from Hollywood. Both at the beach one day (where we see Nicolas Cage with his stupid triangularly shaped chest hair, which I will never not point out), Randy’s friend Fred listens in on Julie’s friend Loryn talking about a party in the Valley, to which he forces Randy to accompany him. When they crash the party, Randy hides in the bathroom like the biggest creep in the world and waits for Julie to come in so he can speak to her. To be honest, throughout most of the movie, he’s a huge creep. We love it anyway. Her friends shallowly don’t approve of Randy and Julie is forced to decide what’s more important to her: what she wants or what others think.

Here’s what we know about the musical:

  • It will be set to a new wave 80s soundtrack.
  • Some names have been changed. Julie’s boyfriend (Tommy in the original) is now named Mickey. Was this done entirely so they can sing Mickey by Toni Basil? I guess we’ll see.
  • It seems that Fred was gender-swapped for a punk lesbian who will be played by Mae Whitman. YAS! More like Bae Whitman, amirite? Give Mae all of the roles!
  • Mae’s character is in a band with Randy.

Check out some posts from the casts’ instagrams!

Original Julie, Deborah Foreman, and new Julie, Jessica Rothe.

Karen (Chloe Bennet), Loryn (Ashleigh Murray), Stacey (Jessie Ennis), Mickey (Logan Paul).