So far along Resident Evil 7 we have encountered monstrous molded creatures stalking every corner, a possessed mother and father hellbent on killing us and a little girl that spews a disgusting infection over everything she finds. It must say a lot about Lucas Baker therefore that we can call him the true evil antagonist in Resident Evil 7.

Lucas Baker is, in every single possible sense of the word, a true psychopath. Displaying all the signs and symptoms of a brutal killer from even his earliest years, his sadistic thirst for killing is only matched by the child-like glee he seems to receive from it all. Out of all the characters in the game, Lucas is the only one where there is nothing to redeem him from his actions. No infection, no family morals or need for belonging, he is simply out to inflict whatever pain he can on you and enjoy every single second of it.

When Ethan Winters explores Lucas’ old bedroom, he is met with what apparently looks like a fairly normal child’s room. His array of robotic and engineering awards showcase the undoubted intelligence he possesses, but it is when we discover what lies underneath the bedroom lamp that we truly discover what Lucas uses his skills and IQ on. It is revealed by Lucas that his family had been concerned about his mental wellbeing for sometime as a child, and when a childhood bully named Oliver threw the name ‘crazyhead’ at him. Rigging up an advanced contraption in the attic of the room, Lucas lured Oliver over to the Baker ranch under the lie of hosting a birthday party and locked the bully in the attic until he died. Not only did that mark the start of Lucas’ fascination with killing, but also his fetish for birthday parties…

When Lucas finds a strange tanker shipwrecked near the Baker property, he gets his father to assist in investigating it. This would trigger the events that led to the entire Baker family becoming infected as Eveline is brought to the home.

Whilst the Lucas Baker we see in the game isn’t actually infected with Eveline’s ‘gift’, he was for a time as possessed as his mother and father. On the night Eveline was brought to the house, Lucas was taken by Jack to ‘meet his new sister’ and whilst we’re not explicitly shown the process of Lucas’ possession, we can imagine it being quite a gruesome procedure.

Once infected, Lucas gains most of the same benefits we have come to associate with either Jack or Marguerite Baker, chiefly the ability to regrow any wounds he sustains. We see this most clearly in the infamous dinner scene where Jack Baker, never one to beat around the bush in disciplining his family, slices off Lucas’ hand with the latter screaming: “Not again, old man!” implying this was far from the first time an incident like that had happened.

This is all one grand facade however. The Lucas Baker we see in the game isn’t actually infected at all. Sometime after Eveline’s arrival at the Baker ranch, Lucas was contacted by an organisation called the Connections who vaccinate and ask him to report on the process of Eveline’s infection on the family. In return, Lucas is given a relatively free hand in doing what he likes in terms of following his own sick desires. This fact alone should be enough to sway anyone away from having any sympathy for him. Whereas Jack and Marguerite Baker were two good people caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, Lucas’ frighteningly sick state had its roots long before we start the game.