I’ll be honest, the first couple minutes of “Werewolves in London” had my head spinning. Not only did I want to know who had been shot at the end of the last episode, “Triggers,” but the opening offered some quite intriguing cast reappearances, as well as a few exciting character developments. Let’s take a look.

The episode opens in London. Ethan (Yay!) is leaving several messages for his boyfriend, who has apparently forgotten their anniversary. Things liven up, however, when hunters burst through the apartment door, throw an unconscious body on the floor, and then dose him with wolfsbane. He’s down and the hunters begin their interrogation, but it doesn’t last long. Ethan tells the hunters that they should have used more than wolfsbane on his boyfriend, who happens to be part kanima – which also reveals exactly who the mystery man is…

You guessed it! Jackson is back and he’s looking handsome as ever. After a quick fight which, much to Ethan’s dismay, destroys a lot of the their apartment, the hunters are detained. Then Jackson and Ethan proceed to do some interrogating of their own and it isn’t long before they realize the root of the problem is back in Beacon Hills.

In Beacon Hills, we see a very distraught Scott worrying in the hospital waiting room. My prediction from last week was relatively accurate – his mom was shot, along with his father, Lydia, and Mason. She’s in surgery and he listens in on the monitor and doctor speaking. The scene is intense, but ends happily as the surgery is a success. Scott gets a few moments with Melissa before her medication kicks in, during which she tells him, “Don’t run. You fight.”

And that seems to be Scott’s plan. A quick interaction with Sheriff Stilinski and then with Malia reveals his intent – “We fight back.” How? With an army of their own.

Unfortunately, assembling an army isn’t exactly as easy for Team Scott as it was for Gerard. Scott and Malia start their recruitment process by reaching out to Deucalion. Much to their surprise, however, he has no interest in joining up, as “stopping Gerard now means killing him.” He’s walking the path of pacifism this round and recommends that they look for help elsewhere.

So who else can they turn to? Peter, of course! Because we all know how helpful he generally is. Personally, though, I’m happy to see him back in play on the show. Predictably, his initial response is a very emphatic no. He’s pretty critical of Scott’s unwillingness to take a life and points out that “no one makes it through a war with clean hands.” Malia meets with him again, however, and lets him into her mind, revealing the latest threat of the Anuk-Ite. He still refuses to help, but shows up later in the episode to sign on. He claims his change of heart is because the hunters blew up his cars, but Malia isn’t buying it. She accuses him of lying and he says, “That goes without saying.” He also gives her some friendly, fatherly advice: “Don’t fall in love with a dead man.”

Meanwhile, Liam’s struggling with his temper. Furious after the shooting, he confronts Gabe to find out who is responsible. His aggression is so intense, Theo steps in, yet again, to cool him down. Personally, I’m really liking this partnership! Together, they ultimately get Gabe to reveal information about additional bodies the hunters have been hiding. The discovery leads them to realize that Aaron is the Anuk-Ite.

This is a win for the gang, but it’s accompanied by another pretty big loss. Sheriff Stilinski meets with Monroe about the shooting and it looks like he may be getting through to her about how dangerous Gerard really is. That is, until she turns the tables on him and literally takes over his deputies and his station.

Despite being injured, Lydia comes through with another vision. It’s a message from Halwyn, the recently deceased hell hound, and it leads her to another faceless body. This is significant because it means that the Anuk-Ite has two faces. With what Liam and Theo learned, they are also able to determine that the other face belongs to a werewolf.

The episode closes with the return of Jackson and Ethan to Beacon Hills High School. They make the mistake of name dropping Scott to Monroe and quickly end up chained to an electrified fence. Monroe asks them about their relationship to Scott, but they have a few questions of their own. Despite her insistence that she’ll be running the interrogation, they pull the same trick on her that they did on the hunters at the beginning of the episode. As Ethan says, “He talks. I listen.”

Overall, the episode had some great moments. It’s nice to see so many characters coming back into the fray. Personally, however, this episode didn’t quite hit the mark for me. While there was a lot happening and the action easily filled the hour, the lack of major excitement this close to the series finale was a little disappointing.

What are your thoughts on “Werewolves in London?” and how are you feeling now that we are only three episodes from the end?