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Younger’s penultimate episode set everyone up for some big swings that could result in big misses tonight on the season finale; for now, let’s look back at everything that went down.

First up, our buddy Josh is heartbroken that Clare (I had no idea this was how she spelled her name, sorry for all the added i’s girl) has to go back to Ireland so he throws her a party where he’s a little sad and confiding in Liza a teeny tiny bit. The next morning when he and Clare are snuggling, he gets an intense bout of feels, sheds a single tear and decides to go with her. He doesn’t share that last part with her though, just barges into Kelsey’s room to borrow her carry-on. This might be important later as in every season finale someone figures out Liza’s lie, so let’s remember Lauren was there helping Josh get the bag and she noticed the Olay Regenerist left behind in the bag by one Liza Miller – not exactly a 27 year old’s typical skincare routine.

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Speaking of Kelsey and people barging in on and annoying her, she spends the entire episode being pissed and one person or another. First she’s mad at Charles and Diana who want to poach Marriage Vacation from Millennial & publish it as an Empirical book, to help it get awards buzz and be taken more seriously. (We saw Charles reading it the night before looking all sexy – y’all also, he read it in LIZA’s voice!!! There is hope for them yet)

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Kelsey can’t believe that her work is being treated as less than and Liza keeps telling her to not do anything rash, and that in the end it all helps the same company. Kelsey is so mad that she agrees to go to lunch with Zane, whose been fired from Rivington and wants to start a company with Kelsey, thinking LL Moore will go with him to this new house. Unsure of this and acting on Liza’s advice, Kelsey has drinks with Redmond (my fave) and Zane so Redmond can set Zane straight about the actual reach of the Editor clause in the contract. Kelsey thinks Zane was playing her again so she storms out. I genuinely think he wasn’t trying to fuck with her but in the end, because she keeps being a bitch to him, he brings Moore back to Empirical and gets himself a job as Executive Editor.

As a side note, I feel like Hilary Duff has maybe been miss-typecast as the nice girl next door all these years, homegirl delivering mean and bitchy is some of her best acting  & I live for it and I want more of it! She would’ve been so good as the bitch in A Cinderella Story – she was also good as Sam though, damn now I want to watch A Cinderella Story…please hold.

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Okay I’m back – that movie is a gem but we have to talk about Diana next. Richard is still being a dick about his kid living in the apartment so instead of listening to Diana’s concerns, he takes her to see a 2 bedroom apartment where his son can stay forever. Diana is not having any of this shit so she books a session with his ex-wife. She finds out that Winnie never kicked Ethan out, she didn’t even know he got kicked out of school, Richard had told her literally nothing, just nicely asked that Ethan stay with him for a while. SMH what a douchenozzle. When she gets home, Diana tears into Richard, telling him that she’s realized she deserves better and that she won’t let herself be manipulated anymore! She struts out of her apartment, puts on her giant flower neckpiece and struts over to the Pubbies (pub like publishing, not like pube-ies), where she is to receive an award. Totally Miriam Shor’s greated moment on the show so far, you could see the resolve and the emotion on her face, pushing back the pain knowing she did what was right and not letting Richard talk her into something again.

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At the awards, Charles announces to everyone that whole thing about Zane’s new job and LL Moore coming back to the family, he also congratulates Diana on her well deserved win and thanks her for everything. Throughout all this, Pauline is sitting next to him, beaming, and aggressively holding his hand (seriously, it was going red). Liza has seen them acting as a married couple all night and heard everyone be like “you and Pauline were great together” so the hand holding pushes her off the edge and she runs away to the bathroom. Sutton’s broadway flair comes out again in the final seen where Pauline heavily thanks Liza as she’s headed back home with Charles. Liza can’t hide her discomfort anymore and when Jay turns around to see what’s wrong he immediately figures out that she’s in love with Charles. She allows herself to admit this out loud for the first time, saying that she does love him even though she shouldn’t and she apologizes profulesy to Jay who is the nicest man and deserves nothing but happiness (he better not turn around next week and stab us in the back though!!)

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Younger’s season finale is set to air tonight on TVLand!