My Hero Academia Season 2 – Episode 21

One week without My Hero was way too much for my little heart. But we got some hype couple episodes coming up!

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

We start in class with Mr. Aizawa reminding every one of the written final exams coming up along with the practical exams. Aizawa leaves the room and all hell breaks loose. Students who had poor grades on their midterms are freaking out about not being ready for the final exam. And then there are others who are definitely not as worried. Midoriya being his caring self is trying to encourage his fellow students as much as possible. But then Momo wears her high test score right on her sleeve. Some of the other students are quite impressed and even ask her to tutor them for the exam. She is very gracious for the praise from her classmates and humbly agrees.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

While everyone seems to be in high spirits for the exam, Bakugo comes to rain on the fun parade. He orders everyone to shut up and specifically calls out Midoriya. He tells him that he has been a pest that is just rubbing him the wrong way. He reminds Midoriya that the practical exams will be graded individually and that he will KILL him. Everyone will know who is the better hero. But Bakugo also takes the chance to call out Todoroki in the same way. Bakugo storms out but not without Mr. Aizawa hearing everything that was said, and also taking notes…

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

Everyone gets hard at work on studying for the exams, some more than others. The written exam comes up finally. Kaminari and Mira seem very confident in their exams. But now it is time for the practical exams. The class meets in the Center Plaza with all of the teachers present as well. Previously, everyone thought they would just be fighting some robots no sweat, but Principal Nezu pops out of Mr. Aizawa’s scarf to reveal that they will being doing the practical exams differently this year. Now everyone will be getting in teams of two to fight against one teacher! This is why Aizawa was taking notes on everyone’s behavior, he was matching them up to see how they could compliment each other, and how they can create obstacles. The list of teams and teachers are announced and the ones to look out for are: Todoroki and Momo vs Mr. Aizawa. And the biggest surpise of them all, Midoriya and Bakugo vs All Might!

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

The first team up is Kirashima and Sato facing up against Mr. Cementoss, the concrete bending master. They decide to take the fight head on right towards Mr. Cementoss. But not before he put numerous concrete barriers to protect him. Kirashima and Sato think it’s no sweat at first. Eventually they will get to him. But both of their quirks have limits. They eventually wear themselves out from breaking all the barriers. Mr. Cementoss finishes them off by trapping them in a concrete mix.

Before the episode finishes off, we get a look at Tokoyami and Asui’s challenger, Ectoplasm, who seems to be able to make multiple copies of himself. Both Tokoyami and Asui look very unprepared for their upcoming fight.

And that’s all we got for this week! Hopefully we’ll get some long, in-depth fights later on. I cannot wait for Midoriya and Bakugo vs All Might!

See you next time!


Author: Garrett Lee

Twitter: @Leesanity61

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