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Episode Synopsis:

Three days into the riot, the inmates question what the future holds and seek comfort from loved ones.


Corrections officers

I have to rant a little bit about them, because they are the worst human beings ever! I can’t believe how they treated the inmates and how they reacted to killing Piscatella. They barged into Litchfield and were very crude with their strategy to gather up all the inmates. I know that these women are criminals and were rioting, but still. Officers shouldn’t be punching inmates in the face, just because they’re a little annoying. Also, when Piscatella ended up getting killed, I felt like the officers really didn’t have that much remorse for accidentally killing someone. That is a human being, and there should have been a little bit more concern regarding what had happened. And lastly, I know that these officers were hopefully being exaggerated in the show, but still, it made me feel really bad for the inmates, because so far in prison, they haven’t been treated with much care, even for being inmates.

Taystee, Cindy & Suzanne

These three, thankfully avoided all the drama going on in the hallways, but they were dealing with their own drama, concerning Suzanne. While everyone was running around, Taystee and Cindy couldn’t wake Suzanne up and so they decided to take her to the pharmacy. Thankfully, Nicky was there, and took them to the bunker. Being the smart woman that she is, Frieda had epipens and Suzanne got woken up again. It was nice to see that Taystee and Cindy truly care about Suzanne, even though she irritates them all the time. She’s like family to them, so they wanted to make sure she was safe. I also felt really bad for Taystee, because everything that had happened, finally started sinking in and she really felt like she messed everything up, I’m not going to lie, she did make some mistakes, and justice never really got made for Poussey, but throughout the negotiations, Taystee really did give some valid points about what needed to be fixed at Litchfield. In that regards, I think she succeeded. Lastly, Taystee also really scared me when she pointed the gun at Piscatella. All her pent up emotions came flooding in, and she almost made a huge mistake by killing him. It really wouldn’t have solved anything, and she would had definitely gone to Max and stayed there for good.


Gloria had somewhat of a nice ending, because she finally got back in touch with her family, and found out that her son was doing ok. That was a relief, because it would have been horrible, if her son had died, while she was still in prison. Thankfully, Luschek was extremely nice to her and told her where to go to call her family. And she made it to the bunker, which was a double plus.

Nicky & Lorna

I don’t know what’s going to happen to these two because now they are separated. Nicky was so sweet to Lorna and made sure she was safe. Also, I was so happy that Lorna got to see Vinnie again and they’re finally on the same page. I loved that Vinnie tried to get past the guards. That’s some real dedication. And now that these two are separated, I don’t know what’s going to happen. Whose going to help Lorna with her pregnancy? And will they ever see each other again?

Leanne & Angie

Out of all the times that these two irritated me to no end, they finally did something right. They burned all the inmates’ records and I give them major props. Very smart of them. But now that I think about it, I’m sure everyone’s records are on some computer somewhere. I also liked that Leanne’s mom was waiting for her outside. She didn’t give up on her daughter and I think that comforted Leanne a little bit more.


I really don’t know what’s going to happen to her either. She’s one of the 10 missing, and officers are going to be hunting her down for sure. For now, she did have somewhat of a happy ending, because her and Coates reunited and now at this point, Penns is free. What made me laugh during her scenes, was that she was watching the inmates on the news like it was a movie. She was watching everyone she knew on TV and watching it with such entertainment, even though she is technically part of it.


Well, I felt like Piscatella had a really interesting ending. I’m not really sure how I feel about it, because on one hand, I’m happy that he’s dead, but on the other, I felt like it was the easy way out. After making so many mistakes in his life, while working for the prison system, I felt like an interesting twist, would be for him to go to prison himself, since he assaulted several of the inmates. So it would be like karma and it would of been nice to see him get a taste of his own medicine. But on the other hand, he was a terrible person; but is dying really an answer to that? He did end up leaving the inmates peacefully, but getting killed by his own kind; so I guess in a way, it was kind of karma.


Just other thoughts:

  1. Piper and Suzanne’s mom’s talking to each other. That was a cool little moment of character’s relatives meeting each other.
  2. Chang escaping through the fence, was pure gold. Wonder what’s going to happen to her?
  3. It was nice to see Maria reunite with her boyfriend and baby, even though I’m still mad that she betrayed Gloria.
  4. I’m really curious to see what happens to Linda next season. Will someone finally figure out that she’s not an inmate and release her?
  5. I’m so sad that Flaca and Maritza got separated. They were just talking about how they were so happy that they met each other, and then this happened. I hope they reunited at some point.
  6. I’m dying to know where all the inmates are being taken. I’m guessing other prisons, but how is next season going to work then, with all the inmates being separated?
  7. That last scene was everything! That showed pure rallying together, no matter what race or age you are. This riot changed the inmates and these women are sticking together, no matter what happens when the officers burst through.