Logan Lucky is Stephen Soderbergh’s latest heist comedy. Is it just me, or did this movie come out of nowhere? Maybe the movie just wasn’t advertised a ton up here in Canada- but with an A-list cast (Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig and Riley Keough) it seemed to sneak under the radar.

The film follows Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum), a recently fired construction worker struggling to make ends meet, his only joy in life being his daughter: a young pageant queen who loves her daddy more than air itself. Watching Tatum’s character interact with his daughter is incredibly genuine and likely the best character dynamic in the whole film.

As Jimmy feels the financial stress increase, he recruits his brother (Adam Driver) and a few other buddies- including an incarcerated Daniel Craig- to rob the local racetrack on their busiest day of the year. The film does a great job at getting the audience in on the heist. It feels like you’re a part of the team, and every piece twist and reveal is just as much news to the characters as it is to you.

Logan Lucky is being described as “Hillbilly Oceans 11,” which is completely accurate. Jimmy even refers to the heist as “Oceans 7-11.” The middle-class hillbilly vibe is a breath of fresh air to the usual high tech rich-kid heist films, but at times it felt that the actor’s Southern accents were funnier than the jokes themselves.

Nevertheless, Logan Lucky is a smartly written film that is entertaining from start to finish. There is never a moment where something isn’t happening, and the complexity of the heist keeps you invested the whole way through. That is, until you get about halfway through and you begin to ask yourself “Wait, these are the bad guys. Why am I rooting for them? They’re literally stealing out of pure greed, and 95% of them are assholes. Oh right, he has a cute kid. Okay, he can steal. I’m fine with this.”

Logan Lucky is in theaters now.