This is a spoiler-free review where I comment on my thoughts through out Xmen: Days of Future Past.

First thoughts: OH MA GAWD!!! I am so excited that I get to see this movie. I Have waited so long for another Xmen movie that includes Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. Mind you, this was on repeat all day in my head and was in a high-pitched, squeaky voice.

Opening with the future was smart and gives you a glimpse at why they are going to the past(duh).

The new casting through the movie was brilliant and it was so nice to see Halle Berry(Storm), Shawn Ashmore(Iceman) and Ellen Page(Sprite/Kitty Pryde) again(yes, I know all their names without looking). Anna Paquin(Rogue) getting as much time in the credits as she did with her minimal contribution will haunt me for days. Evan Peters(Quicksilver) is probably one of my favorite parts and I wish they had even more of him than they did; the kitchen scene is absolutely priceless.  I love Peter Dinklage(Dr. Trask) in everything and I feel like he really brought the character to life. Bringing Daniel Cudmore(Colossus) back was genius, he kept the character growth that he showed in X2 and X3 which was appreciated.

The story line wasn’t exactly how I remember the GN, though it has been almost a decade since I read it in it’s entirety, AND this is a movie from a set of comic books written in 1981 so some of the thought processes had to be changed. The story flowed well from start to finish and the conclusion of THIS movie left you satisfied but also wanting more.

There are parts of the movie I would love to talk about in more detail, unfortunately we keep it spoiler-free here. Feel free to contact me on Tumblr,Twitter and Reddit to talk more.

xoxo Nicole