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This isn’t a topic on which you should need convincing, but alas, here’s a few reasons to binge-watch this quirky adaptation again,

1. Neil Patrick Harris. Need I say more? He brilliantly portrays Count Olaf and his numerous disguises, makes countless fourth-wall breaks, and is, in general, a gift to humanity who deserves our attention.

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2. The theme song, and soundtrack in general. Fun fact: the lyrics to the theme, which is also performed by Neil Patrick Harris, are different each episode, based on the events in the story. Listen to each side by side, and you basically get a full narration of the first season. (It’s a total earworm. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)


3. So. Much. Foreshadowing. And references to pop culture. And breaking of the fourth wall. And questioning of reality. And an overall sense that the writers of this show have actually read the books. I think it’s safe to say that, each time you watch an episode of this show, you’ll notice more and more details and references you probably didn’t catch before.

4. V. F. D. Readers of the books will know this organization’s initials are referenced and hidden millions of times throughout the series’ pages. This is also the case with Netflix’s show. How many times can you spot it? (Concept: turn this into a drinking game?)

5. The narrator. Everyone loves a good narrator; sometimes, they’re what make the story worthwhile or entertaining. Patrick Warburton takes on this postmodern and dark-humoured role with ease, and ties every scene in every episode together so well… all the while, maintaining a straight face. (Also, can we just appreciate the fact that this is the man who gave us Kronk’s voice?)

6. There are countless other reasons to rewatch this series, but the most important is that there is an upcoming second season! The release date has yet to be announced, but some fans have speculated and theorized that it may be October 13th (which is fitting, considering the first season was also released on a Friday the 13th, back in January.)

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourselves to witness the next miserable adventures of the Baudelaire children, and rewatch season 1.