The updated platform and delivery of this season will be changing narrators. Last week we heard Tyler and his testimony at the trial and this episode was Courtney’s account.  Who’s Courtney you ask?  She’s the girl that Hannah Baker kissed in season one, and this is the rundown of the episode.



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Courtney’s POV this episode was predictable.  She has two fathers that are amazing and completely in love with her and each other, as we saw at the beginning of this episode.  Last season we learned that there are some hidden same-sex attraction feelings that Courtney is repressing.  Why not come out?  Because she’s afraid it will be too typical since her parents are gay.  This is the pressing issues and the main concern of this character.

In this episode, the defense attorney starts grilling Courtney about a photo of the kiss between her and Hannah; we find out there were two kisses that night.  They are throwing shade on Hannah and leading Courtney to say that Hannah was a bully (a similar approach that we saw with Episode 1 with Tyler).  Courtney’s scared that her truth will come out, but after the attorney pushes her further, she is forced to come out on the stand.  She testifies that Hannah wasn’t being a bully, but that Hannah kissed her the second time because Hannah is kind and was being a good friend.



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Alex’s story line is wrapped around his desire to find out why he attempted suicide.  What brought him to the point where life wasn’t worth living any longer?  I hope they develop this a bit more as it appears to be getting repetitive and I’m ready for the character to grow a little instead of just being stuck.   At the end of the episode, he opens an envelope that has a target with holes in the head.  On it is written “Better luck next time.”

Skye, Clay, and Hannah

Clay, skye and Hannah

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These two unlikely lovers find more turmoil in this episode. Clay is hiding the fact that he is being haunted by Hannah, who happens to show up at the most inappropriate times.  Clay is struggling to deal with being a good boyfriend and figuring out why Hannah is coming around postmortem. He clumsily juggles the two and continues to fall into the trap of lies and secrets.

Skye continues to push forward and connect with him. She shows up to spend time with his family at dinner. After an awkward conversation at the dinner table, they move to his room where they begin to get physical (how they could just go upstairs and start having sex with the parents downstairs is beyond me).

Once in bed, Clay struggles to get an erection, which tips Skye off that his mind is elsewhere.  She asks him to say that he loves her and to say he’s over Hannah.  He can say he loves her, but he can’t say he’s over Hannah.  Skye leaves the house, obviously hurting, and Clay goes after her.  When he gets to her house there is an ambulance outside and it’s taking her away. Her mom is saying that she’s sick and needs help, we are left to assume she went back to cutting again after Clay’s omission that he still is stuck on Hannah.

Olivia Baker- Hannah’s Mom

Olivia shirt

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Olivia’s story line is getting better. The mourning mom is extremely believable and she is clinging to the trial in hopes that this will give her some closure.  She has her friend that is assisting her through it. While they were talking, the friend opened a drawer that contained the bloodied dress from the night Hannah died. Olivia shared that it was the only thing she of Hannah (her father had gotten rid of everything else).

The next day, Olivia came home to see her “friend” had washed the dress in an attempt to help Olivia “heal quicker.” Olivia comes unglued and goes off on her.  The last piece of Hannah has washed away.  Kate Walsh does a great job of playing this character as we watch the mom continue to spiral into a deep hole of depression and pain.

Minor Storylines

  • Tyler makes a friend in one of his classes with Mr. Porter. At the same time, he has been banned from taking photo’s of girl’s sports because of his testimony. Tyler’s dad shares that he might transfer his son to a new school to protect him.
  • Porter’s notebook is in evidence and it’s missing pages from the day of Hannah’s death.
  • Jess continues to be harassed by someone. She opens her locker and finds a note that says “Keep your fucking mouth shut.”
  • Bryce is still going around being a bully.
  • Zach is helping Alex on his road to recovery, and at the same time still trying to be cool with Bryce.
  • Sheri makes her way back to the show. She’s been gone for a while as well and is not the sweet Sheri we saw from season 1.

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