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Can this recap just be picture of Daniel? What do you mean it can’t? I feel like that would be some excellent ~content~ but fine fine fine, if you won’t let me ogle this beautiful man and his beautiful smile, we might as well discuss the last episode of Insecure. Lawrence deals with racism all day while Issa, Molly & Kelly head to a party full of hot AF men. Also, as previously mentioned Daniel makes an appearance and distracts us all with his megawatt smile.

The girls head to Kiss & Grind where they’re hoping to add some men to their collection and maybe find love and Lawrence is headed out with his boy to what I thought would be the same party where he would reunite with Issa but he got distracted by some racist bitches at the grocery store so we’ll never know what LIT party he was supposed to go to.

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Before bae got to the grocery store, he got pulled over for doing an illegal u-turn THAT EVERYONE ELSE WAS ALSO DOING. Just another case of basically being pulled over for being Black. We see the light drain from Lawrence’s eyes as the officer asks for his licence and registration and gets real bitchy about weather that’s his car. He gets off with a warning because I guess that cop wasn’t a total racist dickbag – but the reality is that this is a daily occurrence for so many Black people and it stems from systemic racism that needs to be addressed and fixed in America. After this crazy nonsense, he heads to the grocery store to get pre-game supplies but he can’t find his card when he gets to the cash register.

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Two women are in line behind him and they step up and volunteer to pay for his groceries. They seem nice but also a little sketchy, like they have ulterior motives. They flirt with him in the parking lot and he heads back to their place because he thinks he might have a shot with one. In fact he had a shot with BOTH of them who jump him not long after. When he finishes with one and needs his refractory period to get his guy back up again, the girls freak out and mention “other black guys” who could fuck longer. RACISTS WITH A FETISH! I KNEW THEY WOULD SUCK! Ugh White Women sometimes. Lawrence gets out of there after the girls do coke and postmates Thai food. Before heading to his place, he drives by Issa’s apartment BECAUSE HE LOVES HER STIIIIILL.

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Speaking of Issa, she is not having the best luck and this party; she’s supposed to meet this dude from a tinder-like app but he’s a complete ass. He shades her for not having the same hair as in her profile picture EVEN THOUGH HE IS MUCH UGLIER THAN HIS PICTURE. He also hates on the sound of her voice, which is honestly ridiculous because that is not something she can control and her voice is adorable and also again he was ugly with a bad personality. Daniel sees her get rejected by that Felix dude and giggles a little. Babe is really down because she had such high expectations for the night. At the very end, she gets to hang out with Daniel though and she gets back some of her giggly, bubbly personality so maybe it’s not all a loss.

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In Molly land, she’s not super into this night but her mood turns around when she runs into Dro, her friends husband that we met at the cupcake shop last week. They spend most of the night together and get suuuuuuper flirty, and as she starts to break it off, he mentions that he and his wife are in an open marriage, so they wouldn’t be doing anything wrong. Molly is kind feeling this arrangement but she’s not letting herself show that or go there because she knows it’s wrong – or at least not exactly right. Kelly is the biggest winner of the night because she is a queen! She meets tons of dudes, including one we’ll call Sweetie, who invites everyone to go get food after the party. While they’re sitting at the table talking about desert, he starts “playing with” Kelly in an adult way under the table (I feel like I could have just said fingering, but idk how y’all would feel about be saying that, anyways.)

Is Lawrence really still into Issa? Will those crazy girls leave us alone forever? Will Daniel be back in Issa’s life now? Will Molly like Chicago more than LA? Will Kelly and Sweetie work out in the long term? Keep watching Insecure Sundays on HBO and checking in with us for all those answers.

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