The Game of Nerds jumps back into the mystery box game spending it’s money to give you the insight on a brand new mystery box called A-BOX. This box was the first one this company has put out. In the past some boxes have been it’s best at the beginning and tailed off afterwards, or go under like Collectible Geek and Nerd Block. The A-Box doesn’t have an affiliate program so far, but has done something very different, it has offered a 45 day money back guarantee. It varies from a monthly, 3, 6 or 12 month cycle, since it’s the first month I only went with a month to month cycle which costs me $35 shipped. Currently they only offer service to the UK and the US.

The first month was Versus, let’s take a look!


Kingsman pin and key chain. The K will actually rotate. I am not familiar with this movie very much and passed these over to a co-writer. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds


Neca Scalers Spider-Man. Basically a filler, these attach to cords and such. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds


A Game of Thrones Banner, this is 30″ x 50″ banner. This is a very nice piece, you could have got the Targaryen banner like I did, or a Stark banner. Not sure where I will hang it to be honest. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds


Personally my favorite piece, a transformer mashup between the Autobots and Decepticons. If I could wear my own shirts every day for work this would be an ultra win. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds


This was the biggest piece of the box. This retails for $20 by itself, over half the cost of the box. This lights up and even supplies batteries. I did not take this out of the box due to a trade. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds

For a first box, I would say I am satisfied, I get a little burned out on certain themes, but I have given this another shot for the month of August. Stealth is the next month theme, with items from Star Wars, Princess Bride, Ninjago the movie and Destiny 2 teased so far.