Ubisoft has a new logo and we have a new installment of E3 predictions. At the end of the last article, I said Ubisoft’s plate was basically already known, so most of the fun will be in guessing the big surprises and the show closer, which is always a big deal for Ubisoft. Besides last year though, where the closer was Steep. So let’s just get right into it!

Obvious Stuff:

South Park: The Fractured But Whole


Source: Ubisoft / South Park: The Fractured But Hole

The Stick of Truth was a surprisingly good RPG, but I was wary about the South Park humor in it. There were some genuinely hilarious moments, but the rest of the game relied on you knowing the series for references and gags. And then there’s also the whole juvenile humor part of it, which I feel I’ve grown out of since watching South Park episodes in its heyday. Regardless, I will play this entry in the series as I enjoy a good RPG game and it seems this one will even be more like a tactical RPG with a grid based combat system. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get delayed for the 80th time.

Far Cry 5


Source: Ubisoft / Far Cry 5

There had been rumors for awhile now that Far Cry 5 would be set in Montana, which immediately interested me. The Far Cry series has previous been about large open environments in unique locations where you destabilize militia groups and I didn’t know how you could make that work being set in America. Well, with the formal reveal of the game, I can tell now. You can probably tell by the picture too. I’m not going to get political about this, but I am cautiously excited for how the subject matter is handled.

Just Dance 2018


Source: Ubisoft / Just Dance 2018

One of those game series you can set your clock to. I honestly questioned before writing this if there are people who still buy these games, but a quick Google search for a picture to use alerted me to forums and videos of people speculating what songs and dances would be in the 2018 iteration, so yeah, this franchise still has an audience.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins


Source: Ubisoft / Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed games like to be leaked, a lot. I don’t think there has been a single game in the franchise since possibly the first that wasn’t leaked in advance of its announcement. Origins has gotten the worst of this. There are leaked screenshots of this game from back in 2013 where it was originally thought to be a Prince of Persia reboot. There was a reference to it and an image of the lead character in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. And now there is pictures like this and even t-shirts of the lead character floating around, so you know this one has been in development for a LONG time. Assassin’s Creed took a break last year after Syndicate, what I thought to be the best game since Black Flag, so hopefully this one will be more refined than the weaker entries of the series (Revelations, III, Unity).

The Crew 2


Source: Ubisoft / The Crew 2

Before this logo was shown and the game was actually confirmed to be getting a sequel, this probably would’ve been one of my joke predictions. I wasn’t a fan of The Crew. The concept of being able to drive around the entire United States was cool, but it was also very boring and the forced story was awful. I also don’t know what they do with a sequel? Set it in a different country? Actually make it interesting? Guess we’ll find out at the conference.

Possible Stuff:

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle


Source: Ubisoft / Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Another Ubisoft leak. This game will definitely be shown at E3, the only reason I put it in the possible category is due to not knowing if it’ll be shown at Ubisoft or saved for Nintendo’s show on Tuesday. I’m interested in finding out what the hell it’ll even be though, despite my thoughts of the Rabbids being played out and only being brought back due to Ubisoft seeing that the Minions from Despicable Me do well. How can you not be excited for Mario with a Mega Man blaster though?

The Division 2


Source: Ubisoft / The Division 2

The Division was an odd game. I enjoyed my time with it, but once you reached the end game, there wasn’t enough to keep you entertained and I quickly lost interest running around the Dark Zone trying to get good loot. It’s the same issues I had with Destiny that I hope both of these sequels sort out. I heard the DLC for The Division fixed some things, so it’ll be intriguing to see how they incorporate those ideas and more into a sequel. I could see this being a potential show closer.

Whatever The Hell This Is


Source: Ubisoft

There is an amazing mission in Watch_Dogs 2 where you actually hack into Ubisoft’s San Francisco office and get footage of a new game they are working on. You watch the footage after the mission is over and it seems to be a very artistic space game. I could see this falling into Ubisoft’s Reflections division, which is basically where they focus their indie games into. It definitely has a look that reminds me of titles like Grow Home, so I guess we’ll find out if it’ll materialize as a real game. Ubisoft confirmed after the Watch_Dogs 2 mission made headlines that it was a game in development, but it was also in trouble. Maybe the publicity of this perhaps saved it?

Shot In The Dark:

Prince of Persia


Source: Ubisoft / Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia has always been one of my favorite Ubisoft franchises. The Sands of Time trilogy is a great series of games and even the 2008 reboot was decent. The last entry in the series was a 2010 midquel set between the first two games of the Sands of Time trilogy, so it’s been a minute since we’ve seen the Prince. This is my #1 pick for what I desperately hope the show closer would be, but I feel that if another Prince of Persia game was gonna be made, it’d have to be something more than another action-adventure puzzle-platformer.

Splinter Cell


Source: Ubisoft / Splinter Cell

I didn’t play 2013’s Blacklist, so I don’t know the quality that the franchise was left off with, but 2010’s Conviction was probably my favorite Splinter Cell game, so I’d love for it to return. There had been reports that a new game was development and that Michael Ironside would return to voice Sam Fisher after being replaced in Blacklist for some damn reason, so something is coming, it’s just a matter of when. Another good candidate for show closer.

Call of Juarez


Source: Ubisoft / Call of Juarez

I can imagine Ubisoft trying to capitalize on the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 by also putting out a western, but the Call of Juarez franchise has never really been good. I thought Bound in Blood was a decent sequel to the original and I’ve heard good things about Gunslinger (pictured above), but The Cartel was a mess of a game that only had co-op as a saving grace, so you could have others join in on the misery of playing it. The concept of everyone having hidden objectives that the other players could catch you in was cool though, but I don’t see that returning if a sequel is made.

Brothers In Arms


Source: Ubisoft / Brothers in Arms

Speaking of capitalization, Call of Duty is going to WWII this year, so why not the return of a pretty good WWII franchise? The last time we heard about anything Brothers In Arms related was Furious 4, which seems like a coked out Inglorious Basterds styled game. It was cancelled in 2015, however, and the franchise has been dormant since then. The head of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, did hint on Twitter recently that there might be something in development, so there’s that.

Beyond Good & Evil 2


Source: Ubisoft / Beyond Good and Evil 2

AKA the new Duke Nukem Forever (or maybe that’s Half-Life 3, whatever). This game was first announced in 2008 and we’ve gotten trailers, screenshots, and concept art since then, but still not a release date. It’s been said that it’s probably not going to be at this E3 either, but imagine the craze if this was the show closer?


And that wraps up Ubisoft. Next up will be Bethesda, who will follow up Microsoft’s conference later on Sunday night. It might be the one I’m most confused about and will consist of my smallest list of guesses, but the shots in the dark will be LOADED.