Walt Disney Pictures & Pixar Animation Studios present: Elemental 

From Toy Story & Finding Nemo to Coco & Up, Pixar has created some of the best and most popular animated films of all time.

On June 16, 2023, Pixar’s newest film, Elemental, will hit theaters. 

So with this new movie, what should we expect? Who’s part of the cast?

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Elemental is about an unlikely pair and their lives in Element City. All four elements (air, water, earth, and fire) live alongside one another in this place. One of the main characters, Ember, is a fiery, witty young woman who is expected to follow in her father’s footsteps. The other main character, Wade, is a kind, funny, and go-with-the-flow kind of guy. Despite their society’s expectations, these two characters (and elements) may have a lot more in common than they think.


The cast of Elemental is bringing some famous voices to the mic. During the movie, you hear actors like Leah Lewis (Ember), Mamoudou Athie (Wade), Catherine O’Hara (Brook, Wade’s mom), Shila Ommi (Cinder, Ember’s mom), Wendi McLendon-Covey (Gale), and many more.

During an interview with Entertainment Access on YouTube, Wendi McLendon-Covey expresses her excitement for the film, saying that it will “hit you right in the feels. It’s what Pixar does best”.


If you haven’t seen it, the trailer explodes with color, personality, and uniqueness. Witnessing all of the elements in their city has certainly been a brain teaser.

Take a look:


Pixar is doing it again- creating abstract concepts for a film. In June 2015, they released Inside Out, a story about emotions (a great movie, by the way), and now they are releasing a movie about elements! I’m expecting a lot of puns.

I really hope this movie blows me away.

Based on the trailer, Element City is an explosion of color and a beautiful imaginary world. It’s entertaining and fascinating to see how the elements interact with each other and their environment. From creating rainbows from a pond to a fire baby drinking lighter fluid, Pixar uses their imagination and animates every detail. In a brief scene in the trailer, the characters did “the wave” like we all do when in stadiums watching sports games; I loved that! It makes me want to see what other silly and endearing things Pixar thinks of.

Overall, this group of non-human entities has me so curious. Some of the earth people look like Chia Pets, and some of the water people look like overcooked noodles.

Just like most Pixar films, I always keep an eye out for the hidden objects from other movies. Will we see the ball from Toy Story or something from Cars? Or maybe a little Nemo or a sock from Monsters Inc!

Screenshot via Pixar Official Trailer

This Pixar film is destined to give us a peek into what these elements have in common and if they can do more than just co-exist.

Check it out in theaters June 16 and let me know what you think in the comments below!